June 2017 Whole30?

Are YOU thinking of doing a June 2017 Whole30 this month?

If so, I’ve got a few TIPS for you!

I’ve not committed to it and honestly, I’ve YET to complete 30 days … it’s dang hard folks, I don’t care WHAT you say! Yes, I know, it’s just food and drinks AND it’s only 30 days but my downfall is BEER.

Yes. Beer.

Who would have thought??

I can handle everything else. Except Beer.  Huh.

BUT I might just play it day by day … we shall see. I have been eating mostly Paleo lately – grain and dairy free about 85% … and then of course, there’s that beer again! And wine. And margaritas … oh and let’s not forget about them pina coladas! So yeah, maybe I will play it day by day?


Ok … resources!

1.  If you haven’t done it YET … you need to read the book, It Starts With Food … don’t buy it if you don’t’ want, just get it from the library then! That’s what I did … and then I bought it for a few friends and FINALLY broke down and bought one for myself! It’s probably my most frequently grabbed book in the house.

2.  Then, of course, hop over to the Whole30 website … there is a WEALTH of information there including the not so famous Timeline … if nothing else, follow along on the Blog just to keep up to date and the forums!

3.  Keep it simple. Seriously. Don’t overthink this. That’s where problems start 😉 Simple food, simple ingredients, simple prep is the best approach!  Just remember to have protein and veggies on hand available.  For some pretty tried and true recipes that are fairly simple, click here for search results on THIS blog OR go over to my Whole30 blog for recipes that are ALL Whole30 compliant.

4.  Have a plan. Seriously. A real plan!  Meaning, food for breakfast, lunch AND dinner, 7 days a week for the next 4 weeks.  Be ready for any events that coming up and how you plan to improvise and make it through those social get togethers. Most people find get togethers to be the most challenging time during the 30 days. So have a Plan!

5.  IF you like to enjoy an occasional adult beverage, find something NOW that will fill that void … I use LaCroix Sparkling waters in a coozie to fill that beer in a coozie OR I pour the whole can into a wine glass and call it a day. Yes, I’ve consumed 3 or 4 on a Friday or Saturday evening and was perfectly fine! *Note, this goes against the WHOLE30 policy … they’d rather you figure out WHY you want that wine or beer … I’m more about enjoying myself and that’s what I do!

If you are on Instagram and Facebook, search out #whole30 and follow some of those folks! I’ve gotten a lot of great recipes and ideas from instagram! HEY while you are at it, go ahead and start following me (and I’ll be HONEST, I’m not a huge Facebook fan but I’m working on it!)

There you have it … a few of my tips to make it a successful 30 days.  I might just come along for the ride!

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4 thoughts on “June 2017 Whole30?

  1. Hi! Thanks for the tips! And good luck!


  2. Ha … thanks! 😉


  3. I did Whole30 February this year and completed 30 days. I went on until May, but there are very small cheat days. It was a success overall. I am planning to do another 30 days or maybe more on July. 😉 Good luck!


  4. Congrats! It's not easy … I don't care what anyone says!


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