Grocery Stops in Review

About 2 weeks ago, I implemented another No Spend Week and it went fairly well. So well, actually that we were kind of “out of food”.

Ok, not really.

I mean, heck, have you seen my freezers lately? They still have a mish-mash of meats and stuff … there just wasn’t anything that jumped out at us OR that wasn’t frozen solid still.

This is what the main kitchen freezer looks like:
red solo cup: pina colada from TWO weeks ago … a LOT of cans of bacardi mix … a bottle of moonshine, 3 bags of arrowroot powder and then a mish-mash on the shelves!
QUESTION: does anyone know how to get the handle ‘white’ again? It’s yellowed and it may be from trying to clean it with softscrub years ago

And the guest freezer:
Do you see all the empty space?? The bag of walnuts or pecans is going to have to go soon as they’ve been there for awhile.

Lots of food … but nothing ready to go. That, my friends, is what happens when you don’t Meal Plan!

So here’s how the past 2 weeks have played out for shopping:

Publix – June 2nd, 2017 
Total Spent – $54.91

2 pkgs shredded cheese (b1g1f) $4.59
2 more pkgs shredded cheese (b1g1f) $4.59
Chameleon coffee concentrate $9.99 (expensive habit!)
tomatoes on the vine $2.08
bag of taters $3.49
gallon milk $3.69
12 pk Corona Light $13.99
12 pk Coors Light $10.99

Publix – June 5th, 2017
Total Spent – $27.81
Purpose for stop? buns and chips of sort

Pkg hot dog buns $2.50
shoestring potatoes (picnik things) $2.75
small jar grey poupon $3.19
almond milk coffee creamer $3.99
bagels x 2 (b1g1f) $4.49 for both
2 containers chewing gum $3.49

Walgreens – June 9th, 2017
Total Spent – $14.83

12 pk of Corona Light $13.99

Publix – June 10th, 2017
Total Spent – $136.64

Princess and her Hubby were to come over this day and as I mentioned above, we were fairly limited on ready to eat stuff so I splurged a tad.

2 pkgs of Pure Leaf Tea $5.99 each (for Hubby’s road trip)
3 pounds of Publix Chicken Tenders $24.48

1/2 gallon milk $2.70
Sour cream $1.34
2 bags of chips $2.50 each
1 bag of tortilla chips $4.29
12 pk coffee pods $6.99
2 loaves of bread $3.49 (b1g1f)
Peanut butter $4.99
2 small bottles of fresh coconut water (major charley horse cramps today!) $2 each
Large container of fresh salsa $3.00
Strawberries $2.50
Bananas $1.47
2 pizzas (b1g1f) $8.49
2 pizzas (b1g1f) $6.99
12 pk LaCroix $4.99
8 pk LaCroix (cherry lime!) $4.39
Pringles $1.77
Protein Shakes (4) $6.99
Protein Shakes (4) $7.99
2 pkgs cut cheese $4.49 each
grapes $2.77
2 pkgs shredded cheese $4.59 (b1g1f)

*the pizzas were to be for Saturday night dinner but Hubby wanted to hit up our favorite Italian restaurant so we did. He had one draft beer, I had sparkling water and wow, the bill was only $43!

So. All in all I would have been fine had I not over thought Saturday’s visit 🙂 I forgot they were heading to a friends graduation party so food wasn’t 100% necessary … I’m always afraid someone is going to starve to death at my house!!

How about you? Grocery shop much this past week or so?

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2 thoughts on “Grocery Stops in Review

  1. Have you tried Magic Eraser on the handle?


  2. No, I haven't. Does it need to be the handled one or I wonder if a normal one would work? I'm going to go try it right now! Thanks for the suggestion!


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