Simple Green Beans

I envy all of you who have a garden out there … I wish I had the time to babysit one. Here in Florida, we have that scorching hot sun, monsoon rains and well, you can’t just plant stuff and pay attention to it every week … it needs daily attention otherwise it will either shrivel up and die OR wash away … I’ve experienced both and the frustration level is just too much. Ugh.

IF I had a garden, I’d plant tomatoes and then green beans. Yup, I’d love nothing more than a wall of green beans. And well, maybe, cucumbers. And strawberries. Oh, and yes, blueberry bushes! 
In my dreams.

So, instead, I spend money at the grocery store. And normally, I spend a little more getting the skinny dudes. I apparently have a thing for skinny veggies.

Costco. 2 pounds $4.99


It seems everyone has a specific way of making green beans. And then, there are lots of folks out there who will have nothing to do with them. I was one of those people … then my sister in law turned me on to hers one year, with the sesame oil, onion, garlic and a bunch of other stuff.

Trader Joe’s $3.99
And then, along came my summer of super clean eating to see how my inflammation reacted. It worked, really well … my hands lost a lot of the swelling, I lost a few pounds, felt GREAT and learned that maybe I do like veggies!  After that, I went back to the normal daily grind of life and gained the weight and some back, watched and felt my hands swell up but I still kept eating them veggies.
Green beans are an almost daily staple in my diet!  Green beans and eggs for breakfast. Green beans and burgers. Green beans and chicken. Green beans everywhere!


The beauty of green beans? They really do NOT require a lot to be yummy.  Here’s the simplest way to make them … and trust me, you will make them a staple in your diet as well! Hey, if you plant a wall of green beans, send me a pic, okay?

1 pound of green beans, cleaned and trimmed
Ghee to coat bottom of skillet
Chopped onion, dehydrated onion, dehydrated shallots (any and all are good)
Salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder (we have a mix that goes on everything!)
A little bit of water

FYI … shallots are definitely sweeter when you cook with them
Add ghee to pan over medium heat. Dump in the beans, onion/shallots and season with salt/pepper/garlic/onion powder.  Add a little bit of water. Shake/stir to distribute a little, put a lid on the pan and go wash some dishes.

This round, I opted to use dehydrated shallots

Shake the pan around a little bit here and there and check for your level of doneness. I personally like mine to be firmer, but Hubby prefers wimpy, squishy, overcooked soft. It’s up to you.

Once cooked to your level of happiness, remove from heat and serve up. Me? I divide up in to my meal prep containers and steal a few here and there that make the escape … 
So, tell me the truth … do you equate green beans with the cafeteria beans from a can? Gray, squishy, smelly? Or do you LOVE the smell of fresh green beans?
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9 thoughts on “Simple Green Beans

  1. These look really good. Interesting to hear the gardening woes of those in Florida. We (in Maine) have had a very cold and wet spring, so we're all late getting our garden's in, but my little bean plants are doing great. Now . . . if I can just stay ahead of the weeds!


  2. Yes, the weeds are never ending no matter where you are gardening! Thanks for stopping by!


  3. I love fresh green beans and anything you do with them. Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!


  4. Yes! The green beans got to be skinny!


  5. We love our skinny green beans . . .are there any other kind? I've never had time for a garden, but the idea appeals to my now married daughter, perhaps once she is settled, she will favor us all with fresh produce . . .and grandchildren! Take care Jan and thanks for sharing with us! Pinned 🙂


  6. Ahhh …. it sounds like your daughter is getting domesticated 😉 Good luck on the grandchildren wishes … I just found out we will be welcoming a new one in January!


  7. My favorite veggie!


  8. This recipe for green beans sounds so good. Thanks for sharing the recipe at Cooking and Crafting with J&J!


  9. These green beans sound delicious, and I love that the recipe is simple. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.


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