Freezer Inventory

So you all picked up (maybe?) that I’m doing a little challenge this month and trying to eat down the freezers and pantry … aiming to spend $30 a week for fresh stuff …

So of course, to make this much more practical, you’d think I would have done a little inventory of the freezers sooner, right?

Nah …

However, on Labor Day, with Hurricane Irma making a beeline for South Florida (WHAT???) I figured that was the time to do it … so here you go!

Obviously an OLD picture as the moonshine 
and arrowroot powder have moved out!

Oh, and while I was doing inventory, I figured I might as well organize them a little bit too and make room for the bags of ice. I just grabbed a couple of them plastic grocery bags and filled them up with ice from the big ice maker we have … they freeze really hard as the ice cubes are “wet” when they come out of the ice bin. Will certainly beat having to buy ice if anything starts to go down this weekend coming up! At this time (Wednesday morning) we are back in with a direct hit if you look at that stupid hurricane icon – but DON’T focus on that center line!

I have a lot but nothing like I thought … very slim on
ground beef and chicken thighs!
Garage Freezer (9/4/17)
b/s chicken thighs II
chicken sausage meatballs II
ground white turkey I
Ciabatta Bread (rolls)
Large bag of broccoli (opened)
Large bag of broccoli/cauliflower/carrots (opened, half
Breaded pickles
Chicken drumsticks (WF 3 pk) II
1 pound of ground beef
½ bag of potato wedges
Ice pops (in bag)
Tabasco pulp
Loaf Italian bread
Bait II (top left corner)*
*In case we need to get stuff out asap, this is the FIRST
thing to get pulled*
Guest Kitchen Freezer (9/4/17)
Applegate hot dogs II
Ballpark hot dogs I
Breakfast sausage links (chicken) I
Snasuages I
Chicken Shroom Bacon Sausage III
Applegate ham I
Applegate turkey I
Turkey bacon II
Bacon I
Green beans I
Cooked shrimp (TJ) III
4 pounds boneless short ribs (all in one pkg)
Large pork roast
2 large ribeye (Ziploc)
Large box of Dr Praeger burgers (maybe take out of box for
more room?)
4 pk mahi mahi burgers (TJ)
4 pk Angus burgers (TJ)
2 lb pulled pork (Costco)
2 small bags of pulled pork (single serve – 2 in large Ziploc)
2 pkgs of Italian sausage (5 links each)
1.25 lb flat iron stead
1 lb ground bison
3 pk chicken wings (WF)
2 deli smoked chicken (lunchmeat)
1 smoked sausage
1 pk ground pork
3 pk box of cooked brown rice
Cauliflower rice III ½
Small bag of pepperoni
Shredded cheese IIIII
Vanilla ice cream
Few onion rings (seriously, like 6)

Main Kitchen Freezer (9/4/17)
Mac & Cheese (TJ) II
Pina colada mixes IIII
Cranberry Raspberry
Cherry limeade drink mix
Strawberry daquiri drink mix
Applegate turkey I
Applegate ham II
Lemon juice (ice cubes)
Pizza crust (TJ) – opened only 1 in there
Siete Cass. Shells IIII
Siete Almond shells I
Chicken/Kale/Mozzarella burgers III (2 pk each)
Rolled sausage
Chicken nuggets I ½
Pastry puff I (roll)
Ground chicken II
Ground beef – 2 pounds
Sliders II (2 pkgs)
Sirloin steak IIII (foodsaver, 1 pound approx. each)
Boneless skinless chicken breast (WF) 3 pk
Cod fillets (bag)
1 lb salad shrimp
Brown rice ½ bag (TJ)
4 pk chili chicken patties (TJ)
Sara lee bread II
Shredded hash browns I ½
Fries ½
Ready-made omelets (7 left)
Meatballs (chicken pineapple)
Waffles I ½
Brussel sprouts III
Pizza dough (Publix)
Parm/mozz cheese
Broccoli rice stir-fry
Southwestern rice I ½
Leeks II
Green beans
Skinny green beans
Stir-fry rice
2 bags of fresh spinach (boy adds this to his morning
What’s in YOUR freezer(s)?
forward to sharing with some of these 
 … go check them out!

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