Meal Planning for the Week

We are finally getting back to normal around here. The Princess and her Hubby, along with the cat and obtrusive dog left Sunday morning. The boy’s girlfriend is back at her parents house as they got power Thursday (I think? My days are so messed up right now!). The Boy is back to work and the gym, I’m back to work as of Monday and Hubby is back to his usual whatever routine. I am still shocked at people I know who do NOT have power still! That’s just crazy!

I figured now is a time to menu plan to get us back on schedule AND because we head out of town next week, hopefully.


Yeah, I said that. We are supposed to be driving the Jeep up to NW Indiana to leave it there for a vehicle to use when we visit. Long story but whatever. We are also waiting on the arrival of a new refrigerator, oven/microwave combo AND dishwasher for the main kitchen. It should have shipped this past week but with the hurricane we didn’t get any notification of that happening, so now we are wondering just WHEN they will show up!

So with that all in mind, I’m certainly trying to stay on with #Shelftember and use what we have on hand!  I’m also going to go ahead and set up the recipes to post each day (I’ll still include the links) so you’ll see a few things re-posted this week …

Remember, I’m trying to keep my groceries to $30 for the week … check back on Saturday/Sunday to see how I did!

Here’s what I’m looking to make and what we will be using!

Sunday – Kung Pao Chicken (Trader Joe’s, in the freezer) along with a bag of veggie fried rice (Trader Joe’s, in the freezer)

Monday – 4 Way Chili – the chili was made on Sunday (beef from freezer, balance of ingredients from pantry), bought zucchini Sunday and spiralized for me and Hubby will have pasta (pantry), cheese from fridge / freezer and onions in fridge

Tuesday – Italian Sub Salad – lettuce from fridge (picked up Friday), lunch meat from freezer (ham, turkey, salami and pepperoni) and balance of ingredients from pantry. I really need to share this recipe with you!

Wednesday – Chili Cheese Dogs – using leftover chili, hot dogs from freezer, buns from pantry (hopefully still good, will check but they should be ok) with a side of coleslaw (picked up from store Sunday)

Thursday – Club Sandwich for Hubby and a lettuce wrapped one for me. Lunchmeat leftover from Tuesday. Will make a batch of honey mustard dressing as well to serve as a condiment. *Will try to do a breakdown of pics and small video of how to wrap the sandwich 🙂

Friday – Chicken Crusted Pizza – ground chicken in freezer as is cheese. Pepperoni in fridge (Trader Joe’s, always have on hand) and sauce in pantry.

I’m leaving Saturday to Hubby …

What are YOU making this week??

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