4-Way Chili

Here’s What’s For Dinner! 

We have a place down the street from us (well, over the bridge, around the corner and THEN down the street) called Skyline Chili.

Oh? You’ve heard of it, have you?

So … it’s not that I’m a ‘fan’ of the chili so much as the little coney dogs that are loaded sky high with the finely shredded cheese and onions … oh yummm …. but … Hubby and everyone else always, always gets the chili, 4-way … and it’s not inexpensive, all things considering.

So when I have leftover chili, I try to re-create my leftovers into a whole different meal … and this is one of the things I do (the other is Chili Cheese Dogs, of course!)

Four Way Chili is really simple:

Layer 1 -spaghetti (or you can do like me and use spiralized zucchini)

Layer 2 – chili (and this recipe is a chocolate based, beanless chili so it’s perfect)

Layer 3 – finely shredded cheddar cheese (if going for gluten/grain free, check your cheese, best to just shred it yourself as shredded cheese usually has a fine dusting of anti-clumping flour of some sort)

Layer 4 – finely diced onions

Now, the restaurant serves theirs on a platter.

Me? Way easier in a bowl!

Go ahead and give it a try! You’ll like it, I promise!!

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11 thoughts on “4-Way Chili

  1. In the UK, we call them courgettes and the spiralised courgette, courgetti


  2. Cocoa in chili?! YUM! Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


  3. I love this idea of 4 Way Chili. Zucchini is a big crop right now and I'm trying this new recipe for sure. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!Cheers,Kathy Shea MorminoThe Chicken Chickhttp://www.The-Chicken-Chick.com


  4. I have a spiralizer that I haven't used yet. This would be a great way for me to use up our leftover chili. Thanks for sharing your idea on MM.


  5. You've convinced me I have to get a spiralizer now! I love the way you decided to use this leftover chili. Thank you so much for sharing with us at the Inspire Me Mondays Link-Up!


  6. This sounds delicious and I am really in the mood for some chili now! Thanks so much for linking up with Share The Wealth Sunday (and we'd love to be added to your list of blog hops)xoxoLisa


  7. What a wonderful, frugal way to enjoy the Skyline Chili treat without having to go out! Love this wholesome recipe! Pinned. Thank you for sharing it with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.


  8. Oh my! This looks so fabulous! Pinned and tweeted. Please join us tonight at 7 pm, and party with us. I can’t wait to see your new masterpieces or amazing classics! Lou Lou Girls


  9. How delicious!! Thank you so much for linking up at Tasty Tuesday! This post has been pinned on the Tasty Tuesday Pinterest board! I love having you and can't wait to see you next week!


  10. I need to try chili over zoodles. A healthy burst of nutrition. Tracey @ MyBajaKitchen.com


  11. That looks very tasty, and on zoodles, no less! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday!


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