Apple Snacks!

Oh no … it’s that time of year where everything is PUMPKIN.

I guess that’s fine and dandy if you are a pumpkin fan. 

Which I’m still kind of on the fence about. 

But it’s also APPLE TIME! 


I love me some Honey Crisp apples … but dang, they are expensive! So I started doing this several years ago with Pink Ladies, Gala and a few other brands but NOT McIntosh or Red Delicious … those are just icky not matter what you do to them!

This is a GREAT snack to offer up to the kids, teens, mini adults, family, friends, even strangers!  I have not been able to eat an apple any other way since trying this the first time!

Having a brunch (or in my house, just a bunch of people leftover from the previous night)? Serve up some apples!

Need a healthy snack? Serve up some apples!

Seriously. These are so yummy … all the “kids” (who are in their early 20’s) and adults (my friends, 40s/50s) love these things!

So here you go, a repost of the original post from a while ago … go ahead, give it a try!

I had this pinned for a little while and kept thinking, I need to give this a try … I mean, heck, it’s super easy and sounds GOOD, so what took me so long?

Them apples are called Pink Lady … 

The thought of cutting up the apples into these thin slices is one of the reasons I held off making these the first time.


I have one of them apple corer/slicer thingys … AT WORK. See, when I turned my boss on to Honey Crisps (it was the LEAST I could do for him) I sort of donated my apple slicer/corer thingy to the office …

So finally, I stopped at got me another one the other day. $9.99. Forgot my stupid Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupon … but I also found out I can take the receipt back with the coupon and they will give me 20% back … excellent!

A few days later, I was still looking at the apples I had picked up earlier in the week and said, I need to just make this… and, um, YES, you should too! It’s good … and well, heck, loaded with vitamin C and all natural ingredients … SCORE!!

All you need is TWO apple (or ONE would do if you wanted, but really, you will WISH you had two!), ONE medium size lemon (I had Costco sized, so I used half) and ONE orange (I had a smallish orange).

Slice the apple as thin as you can. Place apple in a sealable bowl. TIP: Use glass if possible, makes them so much colder.

Juice lemon and orange into small bowl or measuring cup and then pour directly over the apple slices. I’ve got one of these gadgets that works great on lemons and limes, and even smaller oranges.

Pretty nifty … do yourself a favor and buy the metal one, skip the cheaper plastic one …

cool gadget, make sure you put cut side down in the bowl part. Hubby still forgets!

juiced and ready

a few lemon seeds caught!

Toss the container in the fridge for an hour or so (you can go longer, I did)

Eat. Enjoy. BE PREPARED TO SHARE if someone takes a slice to taste … ahem, that would be the boss 🙂

Seriously, this is really really, REALLY good … even my finicky receptionist who will eat nothing but her own home prepared food tried these and said “wow” … I made this 4 days in a row last week to take to work and now I’m thinking these may be making an appearance at some poolside parties this summer!

Yes, the lemon and orange juice keep the apples from turning brown … beautiful! 


Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Blog Parties! Go check some out!
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2 thoughts on “Apple Snacks!

  1. I agree I am so much more of a fan of apples than pumpkins. I love apple desserts, snacks, and even more apple picking.


  2. Whew … so glad to meet a friendly sort of non-pumpkin kind of person 😉 We are certainly the odd ones out!


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