Meal Planning and Prepping

Hey, did you see the latest Grocery Shops in Review post? Spent a lot of money but don’t see a whole lot of food! Don’t you hate when that happens??

That means I’m going to have to Menu Plan and Meal Prep! Wheee!!

We had new appliances finally delivered the previous week … everything is installed, just waiting for the tile to set under the dishwasher so we can slide that bad boy in … sooooo excited to use all the new stuff! I even had Hubby swap out the faucet on the sink and the lights overhead. What a difference.

AND if someone decides they want to buy the house NOW, I’m fine with that as well … I can do the same to a new house!

We are hosting the Princess Baby Shower in two weeks so I need to stay ultra-focused on money and food … after that party, we head out of town for a few weeks which means I really need to stay focused!!

Sunday – Chinese at Home – going to make up a bag or two of that chicken I picked up at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago, along with a batch of Unrolled Eggrolls AND a bag of stir fry rice as Hubby loves those last two things! I’ll also open up that bag of stir fry veggies so we have more veggies that we could ever dream of on a Sunday evening! Hoping to have leftovers to pack for one or two lunches in the week ahead


Monday – Paleo Sub Salad … really need to share this with everyone! Soon, I promise! Maybe if the lighting is good I can get a few pics going and share! Head of lettuce in fridge along with lunchmeat. Dressing ingredients are in the pantry.

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday with Margaritas! Yes! Beef from freezer, balance of ingredients in fridge and pantry (I’ll probably have a salad OR use a few sacred Sieta shells from the freezer stash)


Wednesday – Survivor Night! Leftovers OR just a bowl of soup and salad if nothing is appealing! I have that butternut squash soup from Trader Joe’s still!

ThursdaySausage and Shrooms Pizza Bowl.Yes, it’s for dinner! Sausage in freezer (Costco) balance of ingredients in fridge/pantry.

Friday – Going to dig out the Bacon & Cheese burgers I picked up from Walmart on Saturday and have hubby cook them up … will also serve with some Handsome Fries in freezer. Sad to say, those fries have soy … why, Trader Joe’s, WHY would you do that?

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