Menu Planning and Meal Prepping

Well, this is the week I head back home. Hubby was to be
coming too, but a few things came up so looks like he will be staying a little
longer, maybe a week? That’s fine, I have a lot of things to catch up on at the
office so I’ll have a few late nights as well when I get back to South Florida.
I miss that view!
And yes, I am still menu planning and meal prepping!  Prepping is really an understatement as
Sunday morning, I believe a mouse might have moved in and died a slow death in
the laundry room of the house … sad because Hubby and I have a joke when we
open the doors: “come on in family of mice! Come on in out of the cold!” Well,
apparently, one did and now (as of 11:30am 10:30am (did you turn back your clocks yet???) Sunday) we still can’t locate him!
*The joke is because my father in law makes it sound like the mice are lined up
around the corner waiting to dash in the door and garage as soon as an
opportunity arises. I will no longer laugh at him as he may have been on to something!
I do not plan to hit up on the grocery stores this week
before I fly out Tuesday evening as I stopped at Jewel-Osco on Saturday while I
was at the laundromat. I’m hoping to only hit Aldi when I get back home. These
past few weeks have reminded me that Aldi does have everything I need for the
most part! At a greatly reduced price to boot and with my budget in process of
being re-worked, Aldi will fit in nicely. NO, this is not a sponsored post but
hey, if you’d like to send free things for an honest review, just send me an
I only anticipate really needing to buy some veggies for the
week ahead!
Here’s what I’m looking at for the week ahead:
Saturday – Sausage and Shroom Pizza Bowls … I didn’t get
around to it during the week so this is what we had. We had a ton of mushrooms
so it was perfect! I changed it a bit and put a layer of veggies on the bottom
(Leftover broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and cauliflower rice) which worked out
really well to bulk it up!
Sunday – heading over to family member’s house but not sure
on the timing of this at all yet. I may donate Chili Cheese Dogs as all the
kids liked that in the past and I have everything on hand to make since we did
NOT make that either last week. Otherwise, I’ll donate a salad. Hoping, really,
to make the chili cheese dogs!
Monday – I plan to have leftovers as I need to get the
freezer cleaned out and organized! I’m realizing as I type this that there is a
boatload of frozen veggies in the freezer that I will incorporate in to the
first 2 meals this week! However, I have a feeling my father in law might want
to take us out for dinner.
Tuesday – I’m home! Yeah! I know there are a few things in
the freezer, hopefully some eggs in the fridge and I’ll be able to whip
something up healthy and quick! As I get home late (9ish or so) it will be
something quick, I guarantee!
Wednesday – BLT Boats because it will be all about me! And
well, even though I am not doing a Whole30 for November (at this very moment!)
I’d like to get back on track with eating healthier! Bacon is in the freezer,
will pick up the lettuce, tomatoes at Aldi
Thursday – Island Shrimp Salsa. Shrimp in freezer (Trader Joe’s).
Will pick up the rest of ingredients at Aldi!
Friday – Un-Rolled Egg Roll Bowl with some pulled pork is sounding
good at this moment! Will need to pick up the coleslaw mix. The pork is in
freezer! I might see if a girlfriend of mine wants to come for dinner.
Un-Rolled Egg Rolls
What are YOU making this week?
forward to sharing with some of these 
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go check them out!

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1 thought on “Menu Planning and Meal Prepping

  1. I need to work on meal planning. I could save money by thinking and planning ahead. My SIL would love the chili cheese dogs, me too. I'm going to Pin the recipe. Thanks for sharing your tips on Sunday's Best.


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