Grocery Shops in Review!

There were three stops this past week … one in Indiana and then the other two back here in South Florida.

It’s nice to be back home, can I just tell you that?? I’m looking forward to prepping a few meals and having them ready to grab and heat for the week ahead!

Here’s what I picked up … check back on Sunday for the Menu Plan and Meal Prep!

Jewel-Osco – November 4th, 2017
Total Spent – $104.65
 I’m not going to detail this shop but will share a *few* things I picked up!
Ghee $12.99
100 count Splenda $4.99
4 individual almond butter packets $1.00 each
2 cans scubby bubbles cleaner $1.99 each
bag of pretzels $3.49
20 pumpkin shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – these came to about 8 cents a piece … I left the majority in Indiana in the freezer for our next visit!
Then on Tuesday, I got on the airplane and I was HOME!
Aldi – November 8th, 2017
Total Spent – $50.xx
*at this very moment I can’t find my receipt again ☹ Sadly, they did NOT have the winter blend veggies or the riced cauliflower here … boooooo

Honey Mango $.49
2 pomegrantes $.79 each
2 butter lettuce heads $1.69 each
2 dozen eggs $1.49 each dozen (wow, different that NW
Spaghetti squash $1.79 (I believe)
Green onions $1.09
12oz bag of shrimp $5.49
5 plus pounds b/s chicken breast ($1.69 per pound!)
Jar of marinara sauce 
2 containers whole mushrooms 
Bag of Asian blend salad mix kit $2.49
Bag of Southwestern style blend salad mix $2.49
2 seedless cucumbers
Bag of sweet peppers
head of cabbage $.79 (for the whole thing!) 
2 boxes of tissues
3 pk bag of zucchini
bag of limes
coffee creamer (Hubby)

I really tried to stay selective on what I was
buying and actually put a few things back.

And then … 

Trader Joe’s – November 9th, 2017
Total Spent – $118.24

Well. This shop just put me over the edge on my proposed budget. 

chocolate covered peanuts $3.99
almond/coconut/chocolate $4.99
espresso beans with chocolate $4.79
cut mango $3.49
olive oil $7.99
bottle of rose wine $6.99
ghee $3.99
frozen shrimp $10.99
pizza sauce $1.99
fresh thyme $1.69
shredded carrots $1.49

onion salt $1.99
2 bags of b/s chicken thighs (frozen, 40 oz) $6.99 each
2 boxes (4 pk) angus burgers (raw) $6.99 each
2 boxes of mac and cheese $2.99 each
2 lb bag of green beans $5.99
bottle of pomegranate green tea $2.99
2 bags of riced cauliflower $1.99 each
garlic infused olive oil $3.99
2 2 pk cheese enchiladas $1.99 each
pepperoni $3.29
2 avocados $1.29
fresh rosemary $1.69

Did I need half that stuff? Nope. Am I sorry I went there? Sort of. The chocolate covered nuts is really, really unnecessary. I’ve shoved those in the back of the pantry for the Boy and Hubby as I felt myself scrapping the bottom of the container on the peanuts. Why on earth would I buy those??? 🙂

How is YOUR grocery budget holding up?

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