Turkey Round Up!

Confession … we aren’t frying a turkey, or six, this year. Our friend is roasting a 21 pound bird and we will eat it at our house …


I remember last year our usual partners in crime spent the holiday back at their home states, Princess was in California visiting her fiance’s (now her husband) father who has been there for a year receiving chemo treatments (who passed away that December), my dad had the flu and the boy and his girlfriend were vegetarian (still are) and doing something Veggie Like. And then I got the text message from my best friend in Bethany Beach that her mom was admitted to Hospice End Stage (which has just broken my heart for both her and her mom) … which left me and Hubby … WHO, by the way, was wearing a boot and waiting on x ray results on his foot … this year, thankfully doesn’t have all that drama … a few things, but nothing like that!

This year’s only excitement will be the pregnant lady (Princess), only one partner in crime (spouse with her kids and family in Hawaii) and of course, the weather (RAIN!) Oh, and maybe a few wayward friends will stop by who are looking to escape the family drama at their own place 😉 It happens, let’s be honest, ok? Oh, wait, they may be coming for the fry fest which will include the fried pickles. Nice to know that there will be something that resembles our usual traditions.


Did I mention, I do not care for oven roasted turkey? Yeah. I’m not a snob or anything but seriously, a fried turkey is the way to go.

So, with that being said, I’m going to torment myself with a little Turkey Round Up … even though, I’ll be the first to admit: I am NOT a fan of all the Thanksgiving foods … fried turkey and mashed potatoes are it for me! But, STILL … it’s the tradition!

Thank me later for these four recreation of leftovers, and try not to feel sorry for me in the meantime 👧

Cobb Salad (which traditionally, is made with Turkey!)

Turkey Cabbage Salad with Almond Butter Dressing


Turkey Lettuce Wraps (obviously, skip the whole COOKING part of this turkey and just chop up real fine using this cool little gadget)

Hot Browns (the PERFECT use for leftover turkey!)

And if you really ARE a purist, by all means, grab yourself two slices of bread, slather on some cranberry sauce, turkey slices, stuffing and call it a day!

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Round Up!

  1. Thanks for ways to use turkey. There's always a big turkey on our table and we love the leftovers – mainly in the form of sandwiches. Old-fashioned, I know, but that's what we like. Thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday.


  2. Ha! I'm with you on the Hot Browns, especially! Or did I imagine that there was a bit more spark on your comment for that recipe just because I love them so…:) Happy Thanksgiving Leftover Week and Thanks for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday! Mollie


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