Breakfast Bistro Box

Ahem … I may have a problem here! The Starbucks Bistro Boxes have consumed my life…every waking moment I think of them, wondering what else I can make to make MY life a little easier and I suppose, cooler … cuz we all just want to be cool and liked, right?

Yeah. Whatever.

I think it’s more of a fascination that these things are scooped up like crazy. Since the first one I posted here I’ve been seeing these Boxes EVERYWHERE! No joke.

So … how about a Breakfast Bistro Box??

I don’t know why I hadn’t ventured to making BREAKFAST a meal prep priority … those mornings when I’m running late and just grab an apple are gone forever!

8 eggs
8 slices of bacon (for those of you who really like bacon, feel free to cook more)
Green beans (because my breakfast is NOT complete without green beans) or other veggie (broccoli runs a close 2nd for me along with riced cauliflower)
Red grapes or cuties or whatever “stable” fruit you want *optional

Ok … let’s continue on!

Grab a pan and cook up that bacon! Well, alternatively, you ‘could’ cook it in the oven but I reserve that for when I cook the whole package. IF you looking to use bacon for other things, then by all means, fire up your oven to 400 degrees, line a baking sheet with foil and lay out the bacon in a single layer, cook for 20 minutes or til crisped to your liking!

Once bacon is cooked, drain on some paper towel and set aside.

Sauté your green beans while the bacon is snapping and popping. Here’s my favorite way to make them!

How do you want your eggs? Scrambled? Crispy fried? Boiled? Make them the way you want, these are YOUR Breakfast Bistro Boxes!!!

Once eggs are cooked you will be ready to set up your boxes!

Grab 4 containers, the same size if you can … add your eggs to one side. Top with bacon. Add your veggie in a neat row next to the eggs. Add your fruit next to the veggies, if using. If you want, you can add a small container of salsa, or even one of those snack size guac packets (yum) but it’s not necessary.  Top with your lid and stash in the fridge!

I know, you all want to know how to reheat these when it’s time to eat!? Easy! Take out your fruit and take a piece of paper towel and lay that over the top of the container. Nuke for 30 seconds. Check and nuke for another 15 seconds until heated through.

OR, if you can, just grab a skillet and dump in the eggs, bacon and green beans and reheat with a little bit of ghee … my preferred way but if it’s a fast morning and no time to eat at home, it’s the microwave!

Tada! Breakfast Bistro Box is DONE!

*Ok, the reason I suggest grapes or cuties? Because you don’t want something super moist and juicy in your box during a meal prep session. It will turn to mush, and everything around it will be affected and well, if it’s not pleasing to the eye and palate when you go to eat it, you just kind of defeated the whole purpose, you know?

This is for 4 servings and if it’s just YOU eating, that’s 4 days IF you eat one a day. Strawberries are not going to be happy strawberries on day 4 😳

I opted to NOT use fruit, but put it out there as a lot of folks do like fruit in the morning. 
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