Paleo / Whole30 Side of Slaw

Hey! How many of you are looking to do a Whole30 come January 2018? 
Just Real Food?
Well that’s just GREAT because I have something to share with you that will bring a little ray of sunshine to all that new food program!
*Just a side note, I’m not sure yet what I’m doing come January but do know I need to get my stuff together and soon!
So let’s talk about coleslaw for a minute. I avoided the stuff for years and I do mean YEARS. I didn’t like the massive amounts of mayo that was in most mixes OR the sugary stuff either. It was just icky in my opinion. The mere thought of that cabbage loaded with mayo would make me gag.
How nice, huh?
Now? I looooooove a good slaw … but no, not when it’s just
a mess of mayo and shredded cabbage tossed in a bowl and called Cole Slaw. No
So today, I’m giving you the most simplest, cleanest
version of cole slaw you can find … and please, don’t judge my cooking skills
on this one, ok?
Look! Publix has this stuff for $4.99! 
Look for it in the produce section with the refrigerated dressings! 
*Update – my Publix doesn’t seem to carry this again. Boo Publix*
Thank you!
Ready Freddy?
one bag of shredded multi-colored slaw. You know the one with
carrots, red cabbage, green cabbage, the works!
Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic Salad Dressing. You can find this in
most grocery stores now in the chilled produce section.
Pull out how much slaw you want.
Shake your bottle of Lemon Garlic really well and drizzle
over your slaw.
Toss well.
Just a personal preference but I do NOT dress the slaw ahead
of time as it will make it wimpy which may have been another prior life ick
factor. I like my slaw crispy and if you dress it ahead of time (an hour or so)
it becomes limp. Wimpy. Icky.  Just saying.
How about you? Do you like traditional cole slaw or is this
much more appealing?
Let me know!
forward to sharing with some of these 
 … go check them out! *This
post may contain affiliate links … 
here to read my disclosure

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