Menu Plan and Meal Prep

It’s been a while since I’ve acutally planned a full menu  and then prepped it too!  We’ve been slacking off … life has been so very busy and well, let’s face it, our eating habits have gotten really bad again ;-(

So. Hubby is up in Indiana (dropped him at the airport on Sunday morning), I went to Costco and stocked up on a few things and then spent a little bit of time cooking a few things on Sunday.  Nothing like I had planned to do but at least I have the green beans and the bacon ready. Oh, and that chicken … it’s ripped apart and in a container in the fridge. Not sure why I just don’t like whole chickens??

Anyway.  I’ll be meal prepping in the mornings and hoping to stash a few dishes in the freezer for quick grab and go when I’m really busy like I was this last week (I grabbed a sausage/shrooms/marinara sauce with riced cauliflower and it was DELICIOUS!)  My plan is to make 4 servings of each and freeze 2 or 3 of each with the exception of the salad!

Hubby doesn’t come home til midnight on Sunday. Christmas Eve. Evening. So I’m on my own for the whole week!

Sunday – leftover lasagna from Friday night’s dinner out with the office at Anthony’s Runway 84. Dinner was nice but it kind of stunk that we were late getting there as I left the office late AND we live the furthest from the place. Uber was going to be a 30 minute wait and cost $26. We drove. Which is just as well as it kept the alcohol level to a minimum which we needed as we had a lot to do on Saturday!

Monday – BLT Boats … bacon is already cooked up … fingers crossed my avocado ripens up by then!

Tuesday – should be taco tuesday but I’m just not feeling it at this time … so I’m making a Asian/Thai based Chicken Salad (using that whole chicken and the Asian Salad mix I bought … I’ll make my own dressing and probably add some avocado to that as well

Wednesday – Survivor Season Finale! I’m looking forward to BBQ Beef and Bacon if I can get it cooked Monday or Tuesday night … otherwise, leftovers!

Thursday –  Pizza Bowls … I will need to get shrooms from Aldi this week before making …

Friday – I’ve got my eye on a new creation I’d like to try … it’s a sheet pan concoction that requires mushrooms so if I pick up the shrooms this week, I’m making it and fingers crossed it’s good!

Saturday –  Leftovers of whatever as I need to get the house cleaned up … did I tell you my daughter is ready to spit out a gigantic baby? Her due date is January 13th but that baby is measuring over 8 pounds already so I have a feeling I need to be ready to hit the road and drive a few hours with a moment’s notice!

What are you planning to make this week ahead?

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