Grocery Trips in Review

The Boy and I hit up Costco on Tuesday … only because Hubby took a road trip to Ocala to see his sister. We originally planned to go on Monday but the Boy opted to spend time with some friends so we went on Tuesday instead. I went to Trader Joe’s on Monday, which, in hindsight, was pretty dumb on my part.

Oh well.

I love Trader Joe’s … my wallet, not so much!

But I can justify it the majority of the time, just as long as I stay under $50 … and I can’t tell you the last time I did that.


However, there are some things that we just can’t buy anywhere else that’s acceptable.

A few of those things:

frozen macaroni and cheese

frozen cooked shrimp

decent, inexpensive wine

onion salt (!!)

and, of course, that riced cauliflower

Of course, I didn’t buy all that stuff but a bunch of other things …

Trader Joe’s – March 19, 2018

Total Spent – $72.89
I guess I should be glad it was under $100, right?
about 4 pounds b/s chicken breast, $5.99 per pound. $9.46 and $9.40
4 bags of organic frozen broccoli florets $1.99 each
2 twin pks bean and cheese enchiladas $1.99 each (the Boy)

2 lbs skinny green beans $5.99 (my favorite, a little more expensive)
2 boxes Joe’s Mac and Cheese $2.99 each
fresh cut mango $3.49 (12 oz)
4 oz peeled whole garlic cloves $1.99
4 pk frozen organic Acai puree $4.49 (experiment for Hubby)

2 28 oz bags of little potatoes $4.98 each

2 limes $.29 each
2 lemons $.49 each
3 Hass avocados $1.29 each *FYI … Trader Joe’s vs Walmart … Trader Joe’s is way larger … crazy on a side by side comparison!

pkg of green onions $1.29
fresh rosemary $1.69
fresh chives $1.69
fresh thyme $1.69
2 hothouse cucumbers $1.69 each
Yup, all that, no wine, and I still spent 72 bucks.

Costco – March 20, 2018
Total Spent – $345.46

Costco size paper towel $19.99 less $4
gazillion count 12 oz hot cups $13.99 (for office)
36 count water bottles $5.99
gatorade $15.99
hard boiled eggs $8.99
bananas $1.39
Costco size container of Whey Protein $34.99
4 containers of Chobani (whole milk greek) $4.69 each (b1g1f so we paid for 2)

2 boxes of caveman bars $17.99

twin pack of oatmeal $7.99
Costco size box of granola bars $12.29
single packs of guacamole $10.99
cooked bacon $11.99 (FYI … they must have twisted Hormel’s arm and got their own packaging!)

coconut shrimp (frozen) $14.99
3 pk Tropicana OJ $8.89
Costco size bag of fresh spinach $5.99 (FYI – the boy breaks that large bag down into 3 gallon size ziplocs and freezes for his daily smoothies!)
Amy’s Burgers (kale, chicken and mozzarella) $11.99

Chicken, mushroom, swiss, bacon sausage $13.99

2 pk margarita mix $6.99

mushrooms $3.99
half and half $2.19
5 pound bag of baby (and I mean BABY) carrots $5.99

blueberries $4.99
3 pk english cucumbers $3.99
100 count Kcup coffee $44.99 less $6
2 pk peanut butter $9.99
dishwasher pods $9.99
celery sticks $3.99
strawberries $3.79
3 pk butter lettuce $4.99

Only 2 things that were really spontaneous purchases: margarita mix and coconut shrimp. The shrimp was a sample and delicious, as it always is when you sample! And well, some days I don’t feel up to squeezing 100 limes to make a single margarita 😉

When was the last time you went to Costco?

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1 thought on “Grocery Trips in Review

  1. I wish I had a trader Joe's near me. But my wallet like yours wouldn't like. I have a hard enough time getting out of Costco w/o spending 150 each time or more.Have a good day!


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