Grocery Shops in Review – Costco Edition!

Hey hey … it’s that time again!

Time to look at what I bought … and what I spent …


It’s not so very bad … honestly! And actually, had the boy not come along, I would have spent even LESS … but it is what it is … so while my Mandarin Orange Chicken from Trader Joe (freezer!) cooks up, I’m going to type up the receipt and hopefully get the pictures cleaned up and ready to post asap!

I did have a list.

A very specific list.  And it was short! Crazy, I know!  And I stuck with it, except for ONE thing …

Clive Cussler The Rising Sea

The biggest frugal fail ever! I bet that book is available on Kindle, Amazon, the library! Everywhere for FREE … if not today, soon!

Yup. It called my name … “over here … you deserve a brand new book to read this weekend” … “yes, you do … it’s only $15.99”

Uhm, that’s the equivalent of THREE bags of that Mandarin Orange Chicken …

Moving on … (and that book better NOT get a single splash of pool water while I’m floating!)

Costco – April 13, 2018
Total Spent – $354.89

The boy even tried to get me to go in the liquor store portion to buy more margarita mix … uh, no kid, you are of age, you go buy your own (he doesn’t have a membership card!)

24 pack of Yuengling $19.95 (bargain!)

24 pack Yuengling $19.95 at Costco

2 twin packs of the worlds most awesomest bread $4.69 each

30 super large TP rolls $15.99

28 pk water bottles $5.99 (long story but I’m back to using these)

The Book $15.99
2 pkgs of bananas $1.99
large container of grape tomatoes $5.79

100 count Kcup Donut Shop coffee $44.99

100 count KCups Donut Shop Costco

Gatorade $15.99

Pretty flowery party pack of plates and napkins (100 pieces!) $12.99

100 Count Celebrate Package
slight sarcasm with those flowery plates, ok?

6 pk Yakisoba noodles $11.59 (hoping to get Hubby on these!)

Ajinmoto Vegetable Yakisoba from Costco

bag of frozen festival fruit $8.99
Gigantic box of those honey & oats granola bars $12.29
2.5 pounds of salted cashews $19.99
sour patch $10.89 (the Boy, of course)

Sour Patch Kids

3 containers greek yogurt $5.79 each
half and half $2.19
a gigantic bag of skinny pop popcorn … 20 servings $6.99 … huge bag

Skinny Pop from Costco

4 pound bag of organic frozen broccoli florets (that are beautiful!) $6.79
2 pound bag of frozen riced cauliflower $7.99

organic frozen vegetables from costco

bag of asian salad mix $4.99
3 pk cucumbers $3.99
6 pk mixed peppers $6.99

5 pk artisan romaine lettuce $3.99
large bag of spinach $5.99
3 pk of OJ $8.89
12 pk of single guacamoles $10.99

Tableside Chunky Guacamole from Costco

4 pk of Febreeze $7.99

Febreeze from Costco

2 pkgs of that yummy pre-cooked bacon $11.99 each

Kirkland Bacon by Costco
Hey, that do it yourself manicure is holding up pretty nicely! 

18 count hard boiled eggs $9.49
gourmet chocolate chip cookies $7.99 (the Boy)
2 dozen eggs $3.49

So. There you have it. I had chicken on my list but all the fresh packs had too much liquid in the bottom … Hubby is getting extremely picky on his meat and the appearance of it … I guess maybe he’s just super conciousentious due to the chemo and doesn’t want to take any chances … I get it.

 I was doing a mini pantry/freezer pantry clean out and I’m fairly happy with this Costco shop … it’s all stuff I/We use (hey, that bacon and bread are #1!) and some of the other stuff we needed. Hubby will be drinking that Gatorade (as will the Boy) and the water bottles as well.

How’s your grocery shopping going along?

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