Grocery Shops in Review #1

Hey! I’m back!

Well, sort of … but I do know a lot of you still stop by to check out some of my old Grocery Shops in Review posts (who knew that was such a popular subject??) so I figured, what the heck: New Year New Budget!

A quick update:

Mark is still undergoing chemo for Esophageal Cancer. He is on his 3rd type of treatment: Taxol and something else, every other week. I believe it’s happening and hopefully he will be able to tolerate the side effects for a while as the 4th line is not that successful in keeping things at bay. The last scan at the beginning of November showed the cancer had not spread, but the tumors were all larger than when initially diagnosed. That stunk.

We sold the house, finally. Bought a little condo and JUST moved in a few weeks ago after some extensive remodeling. Certainly a big adjustment. The Boy is out on his own and well, it’s an adjustment all around! And I’m still working on the new blog over here

Ok … let’s get to the purpose of this post!

Costco Delivery – January 2, 2019
Total Spent – $57.64

3 pack of cucumbers $3.89. This was supposed to be the english (skinny cukes) but I received regular. It’s fine. (Well not really, they are sour so I’m taking them back)
6 pack of mixed peppers (2 red, 2 orange and 2 yellow) $7.29
4.5 pounds of individually wrapped chicken breast $17.99
water bottles for the office $6.69
pre-cooked bacon $14.49
2 pounds french green beans $7.29

So yes, I know that the items are a little more when we do it this way BUT in my mind I say that keeps me from wandering the aisles and grabbing things that are NOT on my list!

And then …

Whole Foods – January 4th, 2019
Total Spent – $97.46

Ah, yeah. This was over the top for what should have been a few items.  FYI we are 7% sales tax on non-food items now. Happy 2019! How did I miss that we approved the penny tax??

almost 3 pounds top sirloin $6.99 pound $18.68
2 pounds 85/15 ground beef $4.99 pound $10.23
roma tomatoes $2.59
one lonely jalapeno $0.35
one lonely red onion $1.37
2 “medium” sized avocados $1.49 each
cilantro $1.99
Better Than Bouillon chicken $5.49
Better Than Bouillon beef $5.99
12 pk mango flavored water $5.99 (wow, that was a huge price increase)
bag of lemons $6.99
bag of limes $4.99
half and half $2.89
20 oz Collagen Peptides (25% off) $42.49 less $10.62

I also saved $5.34 for my Amazon Prime membership

*The jars of bouillon were to keep my sanity. I have very minimal pantry space and there is NO room for broth cartons … driving me crazy!

I should have skipped the lemons and limes and BTB as those are cheaper elsewhere BUT I also know that IF I walk into a store, I’m walking out with more than I went for so I just sucked it up and paid a higher price (plus, these things have been crummy in the stores lately)

What did YOU spend at the grocery store this week?

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2 thoughts on “Grocery Shops in Review #1

  1. Well, with 5 of us I'm happy to get out of the store for under $200; which I did! I only spent $140 but then send my husband and oldest son to stock up on meat at Bj's so yeah… that hurt.


  2. Whee! Food prices have increased for sure! That's great you can do that little for a family of 5!


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