Meal Prep and Menu Planning #1

I’m bringing back an OLD favorite of mine … Meal Prep and Menu Planning!

I think I can pull this off 😉

Sunday – pork chops and baked potatoes! Chops were picked up at Costco on Saturday as were the taters. The fixings for the taters are all in the fridge already … I have a TON of foil to be used up as it’s taking up way too much space in the #tinykitchen

Monday – paninis … using up the leftover lunch meat and cheese that’s hanging around in the fridge and needs to either be used up or tossed … to prove my point, I’m going to pull out the Cuisinart Griddler … if it doesn’t cut it, to the donate/kids box it goes #tinykitchen

Tuesday – most likely out as Hubby flies out Wednesday morning

Wednesday – whee … I’m a single girl! I’m thinking BLT Boats … bacon in fridge, I have a head of iceberg that I’m hopeful will make it to this day …

Thursday – looking at a Teriyaki Chicken recipe for the crockpot … we’ll see but I think I have everything on hand

Friday – I’m seriously considering Steak Bites since it’s been a while AND I just picked up that BIG sirloin from Whole Foods the other day. Since it’s just ME I’ll probably add a little roasted broccoli on the side as well

Saturday – I’m looking at those chicken and kale burgers I have with some sauteed green beans … no need to get all fancy since it will be just me and the cats chilling out!

What are YOU making this week! Let me know in the comments!

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