Grocery Shops in Review #3

Did you miss me last week?

That’s because I didn’t step foot in a grocery store ONCE! That last Costco trip was enough to get me through the week and then some 😉

Mark is back home so we are back to eating regular foods and meals again so yeah, there were a few stops to be made!

Aldi – January 22, 2019
Total Spent – $14.97

3 boxes of coffee kpods $4.99 each
Can you believe I walked out with that and nothing else? Believe me, I was standing in line thinking: oh eggs! oh, bread (for Mark)! oh, oh so many things I could buy! Nope!

Publix – January 24, 2019
Total Spent – $34.11

Mark called for me to pick up milk so I did … and then some.

2 heads iceberg lettuce $.99 each
loaf of bread $3.49
hot dog buns $2.50
hamburger buns $2.50
milk $3.79
nail polish remover $1.19
hair clips $3.09
2 coffee creamers $2.00 each
mini key lime pie $4.49
green onions $1.49
matchstick carrots $2.19
celery sticks $2.59

I’m rather impressed with myself that I’ve only spent about $45 for TWO WEEKS! Whee!

Yes we are eating at home: I’ve made a chicken pepperoncini in the crockpot, hot dogs and tater tots on the grill, meatballs and rice with veggies and tacos! Of course, today is Saturday and I just need to figure out something exciting for dinner this evening … being a rainy day here in South Florida, most likely a soup of sorts!

What did you buy this week? Did you blow your budget??

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