Grocery Shops In Review #5

Hey Hey Hey!

How’s your grocery budget holding up?

Mine? Uhm … not so much the past few weeks which is WHY you haven’t seen any shops … we’ve had company and just a lot of stuff going on but I am ready to take control yet again!

Just to show a few things because I made it a point to avoid the store this past week (since last Saturday to be exact!) … it was for the son in law’s birthday visit so things were NOT planned very well:

Simply Orange Pulp Free

Publix – March 2, 2019
Total Spent – $92.16

My receipt tells me I saved $29.42. Whatever.

Bottle of OJ $4.19
Pure Leaf Tea $2.79
1 lonely cucumber $2.59
24 count bottled water $3.34
3 pk b/s chicken breast $7.82
6 pk b/s chicken thighs (3 total) $7.81, $7.77 and $7.03 (these were supposed to be half the price but apparently I grabbed the “greenwise” as they didn’t have the others)
strawberries $1.67
2 boxes of donut holes B1G1F $3.99 total
2 limes $1.00
12 pk of Coors Lite $13.29
6 hard boiled eggs $3.69
1/2 gallon milk $2.85
8 pk LaCroix x 2 $3.67 each
12 pk Dos Equis beer $15.87
3 sub sandwiches $9.09, $7.09 and $5.59

Well, that was an expensive trip and I was NOT paying attention during checkout. Was quite certain the beer was on sale … the chicken thighs really irritated me AND the 3 subs to feed the group at the house? Crazy!

How’s your grocery budget holding up?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!

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