Grocery Shops in Review #6

I haven’t shared anything lately as far as shopping because I haven’t really been in the store! Being sick CAN be a money saver when all you want to do is go home and chill out every day after work! Food? Canned soup. If even that.

The Boss gave me a hundred dollar bill and told me to take Friday off … I was finally feeling better and had really busted butt for the week, even though I felt like death warmed over 90% of the time. We were short staffed and because I am the lead person, it was pretty much a necessity that I be at the office everyday.  So my day off had me running errands: cable box for my dad, new cell phone for my dad and THEN look, a Whole Foods within 3 miles of the #tinycondo!

Vital Farms Hard Boiled Eggs Whole Foods $5.99

Whole Foods – March 22, 2019
Total Spent – $182.87

6pk hard boiled eggs $5.99
pkg of mushrooms $2.29
48 oz bag of clementines $4.99
bottle of Tessemae salad dressing $5.49
container of spring mix salad $3.49
2 pkgs of breakfast sausage links $1.10 and $1.41
sliced salami $5.99
3 pkgs b/s chicken thighs (Bell and Evans) $8.17, $7.98 and $8.13
3 pkgs of b/s chicken breast (Bell and Evans) $9.59, $6.29 and $9.81 LESS $10.29
pkg of ground beef $9.78 less $2.50
2 12 pka of Waterloo sparkling water $3.50 each
whole watermelon $8.99
2 Calabrese sausage snack packs $1.75 each
Gusto Calabrese snack pack 1.99 WFM
2 pkgs of salami $4.50 each
pork shoulder butt $18.21
parmesan cheese $3.99
bananas $1.24
green grapes $4.03
Diffuser $19.99
essential oil (lavender) $15.99
essential oil (orange) $7.99

Ultrasonic Diffuser and Garden of Life Essential Oils

Totally over the top on prices here BUT Mark had chemo this past week and was requesting a little more healthy food and specifically asked about chicken and free range, antibiotic free, etc. The nutritionist was talking to him apparently 😉  OH, and the diffuser and oil set me back a sweet $45 too … but it’s pretty and smells nice (6 drops lavender, 3 drops orange … lavender is calming and orange is joyful)

There was also a Trader Joe stop earlier in the week (Tuesday I think?) but I can’t find my receipt. I spent around $30 there and picked up pepperoni, eggs, flat bread, pizza sauce and a few other things that I just can’t remember now!

How has your grocery budget been holding up?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT Parties … go check them out!

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