Grocery Shops in Review #7


I’m hoping every one is starting to feel some warmer weather, wherever you are! We are hot, then cold, then rainy and hot again. The perils of living in Paradise aka South Florida. Oh, and those spring breakers. And the family vacationers. Whee!

Simply Gum Whole Foods $2.00

We actually had some family swing by this past week which is why I even went to the store … otherwise, I think I could have skipped out until Saturday or Sunday …

Here’s how it played out:

Publix – 3/26/2019
Total Spent – $97.78

Pure Leaf Tea $2.69
6 pk water bottles $2.79
container of parmesan cheese $3.99
container of ricotta cheese $4.49
bag of shredded cheese $4.00
2 bags of shredded mozzarella cheese $4.00 each
1/2 gallon of milk $2.85
box of large shells $2.19
container of shaker parm/romano cheese $3.29
jar of salad olives $2.69
jar of mayo $5.35
2 pkgs of taco seasoning $.89 each
can of sliced black olives $2.29
2 bottles of seltzer water $.99 for both
bottle of beet juice $6.49
powdered coffee creamer $2.79
small jar of capers $1.39
jar of pepperoncinis $1.99
5 containers of yogurt $1.00 each
large bag of cat food $14.59
cat litter $9.99
5 tomatoes $2.39 (2 of which went bad within a day!)
2 heads of iceberg lettuce $1.89 each (!)

Then …

Whole Foods – 3/27/19
Total Spent – $34.28

So this was a spontaneous stop … we decided to have some pool time and grill some burgers. Whole Foods has the BEST pre-patted burgers out there (gorgonzola and bacon!)

2 pkgs of low sodium bacon $5.49 each
2 2 pks of pre-patted burgers $5.15 and $5.45
6 pk Brioche buns $4.99
2 boxes Simple Gum $2.00 each
2 boxes of Simple Gum mints $2.00

simply gum ingredients.jpg

Ok, so I do NOT recommend the gum! It looks like little rabbit pellets and well, that’s a LOT of money as one pellet doesn’t give you a whole lot of gum! I’ve not tried the mints yet!

simply gum pieces.jpg

*Remember, Hubby is going through some pretty sh*tty chemo every 2 weeks so alot of stuff is at his request for something to try and eat that might help him out and feel better.* Esophageal cancer sucks.

How is your grocery budget holding up this week?


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