Grocery Shops in Review #7

Hey hey … how’s your grocery budget holding up?

Mine? Eh, not so great. We were running out of a LOT of stuff and since Hubby went to NW Indiana this week, I grabbed the Boy and his girl and took them to Costco.

Good Foods Organic Avocado Mash Costco 11.99 Good Foods Chunky Guacamole Costco 10.99

Of course I did!

My goal was to avoid any and all grocery shopping outside of the Costco trip. Mission accomplished!  I would really LOVE to avoid any major shops for the balance of the month … yes, I know Easter is coming but honestly, we probably won’t do much but chill at the pool and cook on the grill!

Innofoods Coconut Clusters

Costco – April 4th, 2019
Total Spent – 463.35

The items marked with “J”are for the boy and his girl and will be repaid to me this weekend … so I didn’t spent “that” much 😉  Oh, and remember, these are “Costco Size” items …

TP $16.99
Skirt Steak $14.29
2 2 dozen large eggs $3.49 each (one for J)
KCups $42.99 less $5
40 pk AA Batteries  $15.99
4 pk LED light bars $24.99
Gatorade $15.99 (J)
bag of frozen crispy Fries $6.59 (J)
3 pk of QTips (625 each!) $8.99
1 pound cooked bacon $.99
3 pk pizzas $8.99 (J)
2 bags of these organic Coconut Clusters $8.49 less $2 each
8 pk organic pasta $9.49 (J)
Avocado Oil $9.49
360 count Advil $16.39
2 2 pks of Gut Shot juice $8.59 each
bag of frozen mixed berries $8.59
bag of frozen meatballs $16.99
quart of organic half and half $2.99
3 pkgs of beef stroganoff $14.79 less $4 each
bag of organic broccoli $6.79 (J)
8 pk Quinoa and Rice $10.69 (J)
3 pk Cap’n Crunch cereal $3.99 (J)
single serve guacamole $10.99
single serve pure avocado mash $11.99
3 pk Aidells Bacon/Mushroom/Swiss Chicken Sausage $13.99

Aidells Bacon Mushroom Swiss Cheese Costco
bag of veggie straws $6.49 (J)
3 pk butter lettuce $4.99
3 pk English cucumbers $3.29
4 pk italian sausage $13.99
Organic string green beans $5.49
Organic mini carrots $5.79 (J – he gave me half)
Kale & Chicken burgers $11.99
Asian chopped salad $4.79
Birch Bender pancake mix $11.79 less $3

Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix Costco
Greek chicken skewers $11.99
2 pounds strawberries $5.49 (J)
mushrooms $3.99
blackberries $4.99 (J)
2 pk creamy peanut butter $9.49 (J)
mini peppers $4.99

OH … and then I ran in to the liquor store and grabbed THREE bottles of the Golden Margarita mix … $8.49 each less $2 … HOLY CRAP … that’s like half price (or 1/4 of Jose Cuervo Golden Margaritas!) … gave the Boy and his girl one

Kirkland Golden Margarita Mix 8.49 less 4-3-19

What did you buy this week?

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