Missing – Grocery Shops in Review

Well, I’m not going to tell you that I haven’t been buying food because you know that would be a lie!

Hilton Hotels - Fort Lauderdale Beach

However, I have been out for the past 3 weekends, and this one coming up too!

First weekend: Indiana to see a house and make an offer

Second weekend: Houston, MD Anderson for follow up scans on Hubby (not good either)

Third weekend: Hilton Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach for the Air and Sea Show (and my 55th! AWESOME thing to do!)

And then the 4th weekend … coming up: West Coast of Florida to visit the kids and drive the new (to me) vehicle.

BUT … I did want to share what I bought this past week while I have my receipts in front of me!

Whole Foods – May 7th, 2019
Total spent – $40.77

That was alot for what I bought!

3 containers of b/s chicken thighs: $7.41, 9.38 and 8.35 (no they are not on sale or large)
pkg of strawberries $2.99
container of baby lettuce $3.49
5 yellow peaches $4.07 less $1.33
12 pk of Black Cherry Waterloo Sparking Water $5.99

Yup. That’s it!

Publix – May 8, 2019
Total Spent $7.06

This was a fast stop on the way home from seeing my dad. This is what happens when you stop at a store in an area that you do not normally hang out in … a little sketchy …

1 lonely tomato $.52
bag of shredded lettuce $1.67
package of tortillas $2.69
2 taco seasoning packages $1.09 each

That’s it.

Next week, Hubby is traveling up to Indiana again so it will be interesting to see what I spend … I’ve got quite a bit of stuff in the freezer, I ‘think’ so I’ll need to go through that first!  Check back in next week!

Who is Saving Money out there??


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