Grocery Shops in Review


I’m excited to be posting this today! Honestly … I am making MORE time to do this on a regular basis … life is just so busy some days but I enjoy sharing these posts (and just blogging in general) … so let’s get to it!

Hubby flew out at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning so it’s just me and the cats … and maybe a friend or two, for the next few weeks. I’ve been playing around with a little pantry/freezer challenge and so far … so good … sort of šŸ˜‰

Just another small update: I am trying to get back on to avoiding grains, dairy and soy. Shouldn’t be a big deal with just myself to deal with in the #tinycondo!

Costco Simple Mills Crackers 2 pk 8.99 5-19-19

Here’s what I picked up this week:

Costco – May 16, 2019
Total Spent – $296.63

Ok, so I had a very specific list. But the 2 bottles of wine and 2 books snuck in … that seems to be my weak spot lately!

12 jumbo size paper towels $20.95 less $4.20
60 count Starbucks Kcup $34.99 less $5
3 pk organic apple cider vinegar $7.49
2 pk Organic tomato & basil pasta sauce $7.25 less $2
5 pounds organic chicken breast $14.89
5 lbs lemons $7.99
1 1/2 pound shrimp cocktail (sauce and lemon included) $11.89
“Master Carve” half ham $9.82
18 count hard boiled eggs $9.49
2 pounds organic green beans $5.99
1 pound pre-cooked bacon $11.99
2 pounds medley mix tomatoes $6.49
16 count organic guacamole $15.99
4 pk Sensodyne toothpaste $21.99
3 pk organic cucumbers $4.99
bottle of white wine $12.69
large bottle of Dawn dishsoap $9.79
bottle of red wine $15.99
2 pk Simple Mills crackers $8.99
mushrooms $3.99
5 pk artisan romaine lettuceĀ  $4.49
24 pk eggs $3.49
2 books $16.49 EACH
4.5 pounds beef round $14.59

So see, the wine and books set me back $60 or so … BUT this should last me for a few weeks with just a minimal stop at the store for more veggies and household items … fingers crossed I can stick with the Paleo way AND a budget!

James Patterson The 18th Abduction and John Sandford Neon Pray

How’s your grocery shopping going? Staying on track and following your list? Sticking to your BUDGET? That’s the most important part, right!?









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