Goals for November 2019


Can you believe its the 11th month of 2019? ALREADY? Eek!

I’ll admit … I’ve been a little lazy and sooooo not thrifty whatsoever. October was a pretty expensive month and December will be too … AND I’m flying to Indiana mid-month November for a week to scope out the renovations on the new house … Mark flies back up there on Sunday 11/3 …

Here’s just a few things that have happened in October: Mark flew back to Indiana for the month; I went to West coast of Florida to see the kids for a weekend; I went to Orlando (Halloween Horror Nights, Disney and Epcot) for 3 days; Mark flew home, we flew to Houston for 2 days (MD Anderson), flew home and he flew back again at the last minute for some additional testing … credit cards have been swiped quite a bit this month.


I’m setting goals and I’m going to achieve them!

  1. Using what I have … an old standby favorite that I’ve been neglecting … I have a chest freezer full of stuff, not to mention the bottom freezer of fridge. Will inventory and list so I know exactly what’s available and avoid the store
  2. Menu Plan – ha … I do remember what that is! It’s a little harder as a single person, I’ll admit, but at least I’ll be more mindful!
  3. Skip the drive thru and make all meals at home. Boring but IF I inventory the freezers AND menu plan, this should just go hand in hand
  4. BUDGET … I mean, really budget food, sourcing, gas and bill pay. I’d like to payoff one of the credit cards this month. I have a nice savings account that I could payoff 2 if I really wanted to but that makes me nervous to NOT have the funds there “just in case” … goes against everything I believe in, credit card debt is bad and savings is good … exact opposites!
  5. Source more (Poshmark) with $40 cash. I currently have a $300 credit on Poshmark (had 8 sales over the weekend whee!) and would like to leave that there until Christmas time … BUT I need to get more stuff to list (and attack my money pile I currently have!)
  6. Clean the #tinycondo … I mean really declutter … I’ve had a lot of new stuff come IN but nothing has gone out so to speak. Tiny condo life means minimalism living! Not happening currently! FYI – Poshmark stuff goes straight to a couple of boxes after they are listed to keep them contained.
  7. Make Cash King again …

I really think 7 goals is enough … unless I add #8 to Stay Paleo (LOL yes, I do try to eat 80% Paleo, believe it or not!)

Do you have any goals for November? Let me know, I’d love to hear them!

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