Grocery Shops in Review #1

Well, we made it back from the 3 week trip up north. Me and the cats survived … and I brought Hubby with me. 

We were hungry and not a whole lot of stuff in the fridge. Pantry and freezer, on the other hand, are quite full. I also brought stuff back with me from Indiana, stuff I knew Hubby would not eat when he goes back up or that would not last that long. 

As we (me!) are trying to reduce our spending as I really want to move to the new house and not sure how things will work if and when I get the bosses to accept working remotely, therefore, I need to be SAVING MORE MONEY, I figured a stop at Aldi would be the best … still spent more than I anticipated!

Full disclosure: I do NOT have a budget for groceries, but do try to keep it minimal AND will certainly need to be working more on that (uh, Whole Foods is going to have to be a special visit for certain meats only and the same should be said for Costco as these two stores bust my wallet each and every time!)

1C5F82BD-3E7A-4681-A157-082726C0FD69I am also going back to meal planning while Hubby is here … here’s this weeks plan!

Here’s what I bought at Aldi and the prices as well!

OJ $2.35

Can of pineapple chunks $.95

Can of crushed pineapple $.95

2 heads of iceberg lettuce $1.19 each

1 pound of deli ham $3.99

Bag of medley potatoes (small multi color) $2.99

Dozen large eggs $1.29

Bag of mini sweet peppers $2.89

2 pounds of sweet onions $1.99

2 pkgs of celery $1.29 each (cleaned and cut immediately for snacking)


Bag of cilantro $.78

Bag of French green beans $2.99

Bag of limes $1.99

4 bags of chocolate covered peanuts $1.99 each *

4 jalapeño peppers $.79

2 asian salad kits $1.99 each

Green onions $.49

Loaf of cinnamon raisin bread $1.79

Pkg of shortbread cookies $1.55


4 pk brioche buns $2.49 

Roma tomatoes $.99

2 pkgs of peanut butter cookies $1.48 each *

Pkg of fudge cookies $1.43 *

6 pk Coconut Mango Hard Cider $5.89 *

2 pk of artisan flat bread $2.99

Pkg brown & serve rolls $.99 

Grand total $63.09

The cookies, hard cider and peanuts were totally impulse buys. Figure $20 worth. Goes to show how those little things tossed in the cart add up! A few other items could have (and probably should have) waited til next week as I won’t be using them this week (pineapples, dinner rolls and potatoes) but that means I won’t have to worry about those next week. 

What did you buy this week? Sticking to your budget?  Share in the comments! 

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