Menu Planning #1

Hey! Happy New Year! 

Do you have goals or resolutions? 

Or are you like me and just trying to save some money in the new year?

Me? Saving money, totally!  This house thing in Indiana has my dream coming true BUT I need to figure out how to make it work if I no longer work at my current job. Let’s face it, the blog is NOT going to support a household at the rate I post!!  Maybe I should try and rectify that! 🙂 

Ok … in years past, I was a HUGE meal planner and it does save money … but then things went sideways: we sold the big house, moved in to a temp house AND THEN bought the tiny condo which includes a tiny kitchen, even though its beautiful, just not conductive to my creative cooking flow.

The house in Indiana?



I love it … the kitchen, the house, the land, everything! So, my goal is to pay off my debt (damn credit cards – I just can’t have them), figure out whether to keep the condo, rent it or sell it and THEN quit my job (or work remotely if they are up to that!) and MOVE!

Ok … there you have it. My goal. My why, Time to get meal planning!

I hit up Aldi on Saturday coming back from my dad’s and bought what I felt were necessities for the week … wanna see what I bought? Go to this post!

I used to do Sunday to Saturday. Then Monday to Sunday. Now it’s Friday to Saturday!

Friday – (after a 22 hour straight drive from Indiana) we pulled stuff from the freezer and I ended up making hot dogs in a skillet (with a little ghee and Worcestershire sauce) and sliced onions … I also sauteed some frozen broccoli and made myself a “hot dog bowl” while hubby had his with a bun. Nothing glamorous but made us happy and we used what we had on hand!

Saturday – chicken thighs with black beans and a salad on the side (chicken came from Indiana in the cooler, salad from Aldi stuff and black beans in the pantry)

Sunday –  soup and salad night (madeFrench Onion soup early Sunday morning and it was delicious!)

Monday – pizza and wings. Wings are in the freezer (will cook in InstantPot) and pizza will be made with the flat bread (Aldi) with pepperoni (fridge), cheese (brought back from Indiana), sauce in pantry and sliced banana peppers (pantry). Will probably toss a salad as well (IF it gets too late since it’s my 1st day in the office after 3 weeks, I’ll just do leftovers today and make this Wednesday)

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday (if Hubby feels up to that as he has infusion). Beef in freezer, shells from Indiana, cheese in fridge, fixings from Aldi and pantry. There may be a margarita or two tossed in as well! 

Wednesday – this is the night we used to go out to eat but tonight I’m aiming for leftovers!

Thursday – pulled pork in the crockpot … pork roast is in freezer and the few ingredients needed are in the pantry. 

What are YOU making this week?  Sticking to a plan or just winging it? Share in the comments!

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