How I Saved This Week

Well, it’s over, the first official week of 2020.

How did you do on the spending? Me? Pretty good!

1. Took my breakfast and lunch all 5 days to work. This saved me a minimum of $20 as that morning drive through was costing up to $8 each time as was the night time stop after work!

2. Avoided the grocery store with the exception of one night … spent R20 for some items hubby requested.

3. Menu planned but did not stick to it 100%. But I had a plan in place. We did go out on Monday and spent $45 but that was all. Thrilled by that! It was a really crappy day for both of us so we agreed. The rest of the week was leftovers and things scrounged from the freezer and pantry.

4. Paid double the amount due in all bills.

5. Did my own nail polish. $40 saved as I’m a gel girl. Used what I already had on hand.

6. Sold a shawl on Poshmark … had purchased for $1. Sold for $20. I get $16 which means I made $15. That went into the kitty, bringing my PM account to $500 … holding out to throw the whole balance to a credit card.

Share how you saved this week in the comments!

#savingmoney #intentional

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