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It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to Costco. Between this pandemic thing and the #tinycondo, well, it just wasn’t really the right time.

Oh, and add that Hubby hasn’t been here much too … he’s been spending time up in NW Indiana at the other house to get away from the mass amount of people (and positive cases) we have here in South Florida.

So when the Boy texted and asked if I was going anytime soon, I was like sure, when do you want to go?? So we made a trip together. It was quite fun and nice to see him look at labels and give me input 😉 The healthy kid is all grown up.

*Note, it was NOT busy and they were counting the number of people coming in and leaving.

Here’s what we got … the * are his items and the # things are what we split and shared … spent a lot but I’m set for a while I think

2 32 oz greek yogurts $5.69 each *
2 24 pk of pure protein bars $18.59 each *
3 pk of OJ $8.99 #
frozen Angus (brisket/ribeye and something else) burgers $19.99 (that’s what is pictured above and they are delicious!)
2 2 lb pks of Kerrygold butter $12.99 each less $4 each
large box of Quaker Oats $8.99 *
18 pk of hard boiled eggs x 2 $9.49 each #
24 pk of Yuengling $19.99 *
2 24 pks of Waterloo sparkling water $8.49 each

12 pk of Vital Protein Collagen water $24.99 less $5
Papertowel $16.99 #
2 Woozoo fans $44.99 #
72 count Starbucks coffee pods $36,99 less $7
Simple Mills Almond crackers $8.9

bottle of red wine $39.99
bottle of red wine $18.89
6″ tortilla (I think like 48 count?) $3.49 *
Columbus Roasted Turkey *sliced lunchmeat) $15.28 less $4 and $16.25 less $4

twin pack of blender bottles $5.97*
4 pkgs of beef sticks $14.99 less $4.50 each
large bag of string cheese $8.89 #
bag of Power Up snacks (nuts and such) $14.79 less $4.10
3 pk cucumbers $5.99
bag of limes $5.49 #
bag of lemons $7.99
2 pkgs of precooked bacon $9.99 each
large container of powdered Gatorade $9.98 *
large bag of fresh broccoli $5.19

bag of cut celery sticks $3.99
2 pkgs of paleo sausage $13.79 each
large bag of frozen fruit $8.99
2 pkgs of brown rice ramen noodles $8.99 #

Uhm, it was a lot. $608.19. The Boy is calculating how much he owes me. We figured, heck, $100 in fans, $50 in beef sticks and the WINE. If you want to know what wine I got, I’ll share … just let me know. I’m actually holding the expensive bottle til after our next trip to Houston and hopefully something good will come out of that and we can celebrate. Otherwise, we will have a nice glass of wine and wallow in our sorrow 😉

So … have you been to Costco lately?

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