Meal and Menu Planning

Well. It’s time for me to get back on that train!

We are up here in beautiful, peaceful NW Indiana … drove 25 hours straight last Sunday and whew, that was hard. The last 5 hours should have only taken 2 hours or so but the fog was so thick you couldn’t see 2 feet in front of you. Pulling over was not an option as this a w lane highway through farm towns. I have never been so happy to put a car in park in my life!

We unpacked, ordered groceries for pick up and then I worked full days for the office, 1200 miles away. So far so good but I can see a few potential issues that we need to be ahead of before they become problems.

So. Menu and meal prep is making my heart sing. The kitchen here is just perfect for me and we have the outside patio set up for the grill master.

The little green charcoal thing makes me laugh as hubby is NOT a flashy kind of guy but I guess that was he could find last summer and heck, it works just fine so it stays!

Ok … food … planning! Mark has chemo on Monday so hoping he feels good for the week otherwise he will be eating soup and watermelon. AND I’ve got a few gigantic gifts from my brother in laws garden to incorporate some how 😂

Saturday – grilled b/s chicken thighs. Made coleslaw and cooked 2 cans of black beans with some sautéed onions. This meal was awesome and will be served as leftovers

Sunday – smashed burgers and chili lime corn

Monday – leftovers which will become bowls of sort: chicken, black beans, corn and topped with coleslaw

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday of course! Tacos with all the fixings and Spanish rice

Wednesday – balsamic beef with mashed potatoes

Thursday – hoping hubby is still holding up … taco salads or taco bowls depending on what we have leftover

Friday – at this moment I’m leaning towards chili cheese dogs and tots since we have everything on hand

What are you all planning for the week ahead? Share in the comments to give me some inspiration!

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