Meal Prep and Menu Planning

I so need to get back on this train!

With me working at the new house remotely and then also feeding Mark’s dad, I’m getting my cooking groove back on … it helps that I have a gas stove and oven now and a beautiful kitchen to work in! It’s also helpful to have food ready to go for Mark for taking his meds and stuff … food IS my love language!

Saturday – chili cheese dogs and tater tots. We had everything but buns on hand so stopped at store on way back from airport and picked some up. (I picked up OM hot dogs for $1.34 a pack a few weeks ago!!)

Sunday – chili and will offer up the rest of the corn bread hubby had made earlier in the week. I will make MY chili and then add beans and more broth to the stuff the boys will be eating. Beef in freezer, rest of ingredients in pantry.

Monday – Picadillo with black beans and rice. I might attempt some Cuban bread or just use the other half of the Italian loaf I have I freezer. Beef I freezer, rice and beans in pantry. I need to share the recipe for this … it comes from “Memories of a Cuban Kitchen” and is so good!

Tuesday – Chicken quesadillas and Spanish rice. Chicken in freezer, shells in pantry, box of Spanish rice in pantry (need to use and get it out!). Will make a fresh pico with some tomatoes from the garden.

Wednesday – soup and salad OR leftovers. We have a ton of canned soup in the pantry we need to be eating up!

Thursday – leftovers or maybe out for dinner

Friday – Brats and Sauerkraut – brats in freezer, sauerkraut in fridge

Inquiring minds want to know … what are you planning for the week ahead?

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