Writing through Text Brokers

05/19/12  Been a while since I’ve been over to Textbrokers … but I got an email that I had a message waiting for me … apparently one of the articles I wrote regarding foreclosures, the client has requested I write another … waiting on details. I was just thinking, shoot, I need to go back to that (it’s only TIME that I’m lacking!) as I can probably make a little more cash to toss to the credit card so I won’t feel so bad about setting the additional payments aside while I take care of my dad …

UPDATED 12/26/11 I submitted a request for payment on Monday and received it already. That’s pretty impressive as the DO pay every Friday if you request it. I need to find out why I have so much cash in Paypal as I’ve not used it for much in the past year. But still, a lot more than I thought. So currently, my Textbroker account is $0 since they paid me $48.90

Total Income to Date: $48.90

UPDATED 11/15/11 So I should be able to request a payout as I finally faxed over my W9. In addition, the last (12th) assignment was accepted. Working on another one at the moment and hope to have it finished by the end of the day (sometimes I can’t do the whole thing in one sitting).

Total to Date: $48.90 (waiting on approval)

UPDATED 11/10/11
It’s been a LONG time since I’ve updated on this subject, because I’ve been so busy doing other stuff.  Just finished up another assignment for a few more dollars. Still need to submit my W9 which I will do TODAY so I can get the money moved over to my savings account (hey, it’s $50 plus bucks after this assignment is approved!)

Total to Date: $45.75 (waiting on approval)

UPDATED 10/19/11
Oh wow, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted. It’s also been 2 weeks since I’ve done any assignments. Life has been busy busy busy around here and just not a whole lot of ‘free’ time … but stay posted!!

Total to Date: $45.75

UPDATED 10/4/11
I’ve done 11 assignments to date (nothing in the past few days as too busy). Everything is fine so far. Paid for all 11. Still need to send in the W-9 form.

Total to Date: $45.75

UPDATED 9/23/11

Just submitted my 9th assignment. Another interesting one again, and I even learned a few things.

I am now paid for 8 of the 9 assignments. They are quick about getting the stuff through and finalized, I have to say I’m rather impressed. I need to send in the W9 so I can request the funds to be moved to Paypal.

Total to date: $30.79.

UPDATED 9/22/11

So I just did my 8th assignment. Interesting, fun and probably one of my favorites so far. Took maybe 20 minutes for 300 words.

I am paid up on the other 7 assignments.  I had to inquire for further instructions one of the articles, quick response back and very appreciative. That makes a girl feel good!

Total to date: bringing my total payout to $26.59. 1 assignment oustanding.

UPDATED: 9/21/11

Wow! I just got a direct order, meaning one of my articles I wrote, the client liked so much they requested ME to write something else for them! Woohoo.

So I did. 400 words. $6.00. Ummm, didn’t take but maybe 20 minutes during my lunch hour. Quality writing? I’d say so since it’s what I do all day long (real estate law).

Also, my 4th article has been reviewed and accepted and payment posted. This was the snarky one where the word was wrong on the directions … oh well. At least it’s fixed and accepted. $1.40 into the account. (100 words).

I am also now back in to be able to select more assignments. Was on hold til they reviewed by first 5 (textbroker associates) but I guess with the direct order, they remove the hold?

So to date: $14.83 paid with 2 assignments still waiting for review.


I signed up late Monday (like evening time).

Got my email back at 4:30am Tuesday morning with a Congratulations, you are a Level 4. Woohoo.

Did 5 assignments throughout the day on Tuesday. 5 was the limit because they review after the first 5 to make sure you are still at the level. I hope I am.

For kicks, took the proofreading test to upgrade to level 5. Didn’t pass. It’s a little tricky. So I’m still at level 4.

Of the 5 assignments submitted 3 have been approved. 1 had a minor revision (I misunderstood, thought they wanted phone numbers, they didn’t). Of the 2, one has not been reviewed, 1 need revisions (client was a little snarky in that I was to talk about a leash, not a LEAD when the instructions CLEARLY state LEAD. I just figured it was an english translation issue as I KNEW what they wanted.) Uggg. Still waiting to get final review on that .

So far paid: $13.43 for 3 assignments.

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