Unexpected expenses

Well, it’s a call to arms in the house! Save money. Need cash!

Ended up taking the damn cat to the vet this morning & had to leave him there. They will call me back this afternoon after the barium stuff is down & they can look at the Xray again. He was sick Friday night, upchucking. Then Saturday, he was gulping & coughing. Dummy. I’m quite certain it was the snack he caught & chomped on Friday night. Either way, he’s definately got something stuck in his through, trachea or estop* (however its spelled). Not blocking his breathing but still causing difficulty.

So while I was there, they told me he was beautiful. Told him the history (owner down the street abandoned him, been coming here for 2 years, etc.). Scanned, he has no chip. Told me to do the chip, which I did ($50 is my starting balance here). He’s now officially MINE. Tell me he’s an exotic expensive cat. I know that already. I really should try to keep him indoors. Oh, sure, you try that.

Then darling brat is telling us how the car just died. Then would start in an hour. Hubby says it’s the alternator, but as he’s messing around with it, says there is something else wrong (he’s the car guy, not me & I don’t remember what) … but it’s not something he can do in the garage as he needs the car on a lift to do. So now we will have to take the car to his buddys shop and he said it would probably cost around $300.

$50 + $300 + $??? (probably around $150 for cat) equals $500 just out of the blue. Crap. Oh, not to mention the property taxes to finish off in 2 1/2 weeks. 😦

Then ds tells me that he is going to TN for a week in December to record at some recording studio retreat. Don’t worry though, the record company is paying for it. Airfare, hotel, transportation, food, etc. I guess he doesnt understand the concept that you MUST have cash in pocket when away from home ‘just in case’.

Sooo….no grocery shopping this week (I really think we can hold off for 6 weeks if need be ), no frivilous purchases (not a problem) and so on. So for dinner, I’m making french onion soup & baked taters. Have all in house, plenty of ingredients and I might just cave in and make chocolate chip cookies. Off to get the onions sliced .

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