Menu Plan – Week 48

Happy Monday … it’s time to plan!

I got Sonny Boy back home on Sunday so nothing got done around here as far as food prep goes. I do know that  I need to get focused and stay on track. Going to try and use up what we have on hand STILL with a minimal trip to the store for salad stuff, milk, eggs, and laundry soap. Doesn’t that sound like an exciting shopping trip?

I had planned to stop at Costco on the way back from dropping off Sonny Boy since I’d be somewhat closer to the store on my way back … but they close at 6pm and well, that would have been pushing it to get there in time. The thought of getting off the interstate and driving inland, and then be disappointed by a store that was CLOSED just kept me heading south, towards home. It’s a good think in the end, but I will pay twice as much for the salad stuff and eggs. Not a very happy thought.

So here’s what I’m planning:

Sunday – leftover Hot Browns. Unfortunately, these do NOT taste great as leftovers

I have new pictures, just not the time to upload them yet …

Monday – stirfry turkey (leftover) and a veggie mix (freezer)

Tuesday – Shrimp (freezer) with a pineapple sauce and asian coleslaw (both new recipes)

Wednesday – white chili with turkey (leftover/freezer)

Thursday – Cranberry, Taragon and Turkey salad (instead of chicken)

Friday – Grilling out … chicken and veggies of some sort … as always, will most likely have a few friends over for dinner

Saturday – Hubbys choice …

Cash is going to be tight this week for me … $120 in gas spent for Sonny Boy, plus $60 in his pocket, plus our grocery stop at Publix … made me a few hundred poorer than I was … not to mention, my dads social security check is $100 less than it was supposed to be which I can not get ANYONE to speak with me, even with POA … and the damn bank in small town Indiana is charging a $33 every 5 days he’s drawn. Vicious cycle AND they keep telling me to make a deposit at an ATM … ummm, hello, I can’t … only allows withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers (and transfers are between checking and savings) … frustrated beyond belief which means that I need to send a check via fedex now and make sure to get my dad out to open a local account. So there’s another $150 that I’m putting out unexpectedly. AND then another $100 for rent this week, outside the usual grand I put out. Just typing that gives me anxiety.  Calgon, take me away!

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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