Menu Plan – Week 51

I’m sitting on the couch using Hubby’s little notebook or whatever they are called …and admiring the Christmas lights that I hung up around the room at the last minute yesterday …

Yes. It was 4pm and I was hanging lights before the party … people arrived at 6pm … we had about 30 total … lots of food was consummed, a tad too much alcohol too … but what a great time we all had. Definitly needed to have some good holiday cheer brought to our back yard 🙂

Unfortunately, it was another LATE night … last guest rolled out around 2:45am … and Hubby insisted that we pick up before we go to bed so I wouldn’t feel the need to get up at 7am and clean up. As much as I grumbled about it, I’m glad we did as I finally rolled out of bed around 10am and it wasn’t so very bad. I was able to relax most of the day and snack … my favorite!

Ok, on to the Menu Plan … a few things happening this week …

Sunday – leftover party food (lasagna, wings, meatballs

Monday – Asian Slaw with Shrimp (recipe coming this week, hopefully)

Tuesday – Princess is getting her 4 wisdom teeth pulled … I’m feeling huge pains of sympathy for the kid … so I will be making a soup … OR stopping at Panera’s to get one of her favorites … but I’d rather make it

Wednesday – Expecting another night of joy with Princess … she can not afford to lose weight as thin as she is already so more soup in the making (again, would like to make it but will buy if necessary) … we will have leftover lasagna too (she’s not a fan of lasagna so it’s ok)

Thursday – have an early evening hair appointment, my last appt was in July so I’m in dire need of a color and cut. Of course, the hair is cooperating lately and now I don’t want to cut it … hoping the Princess is feeling a little better but will be serving mashed potatoes with all the fixins for her, Hubby and I will have salad

Friday – Princess will be on her own for the evening … I believe the BF will come over and babysit as we have our Christmas Dinner this evening at the Capital Grill…yeah baby…if it is truely the end of the world day at least I will go out with a BANG!

Saturday – Hubby’s choice … will most likely keep it low key … I think Princess goes back to work today and Sonny Boy comes home (possibly Sunday morning instead, still up in the air)

Notice that I’m not really cooking anything this week? Yes. I’m trying to keep it simple PLUS I need to get a little Christmas shopping in somehow ….

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1 thought on “Menu Plan – Week 51

  1. Visiting from Menu Plan Monday. My kinda menus! Works. Bummer for Princess. Merry Christmas!


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