Week 62 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

And … entering Week 38 of Hubby’s Unemployment Adventures … hooboy.

The pantry and the freezers are stuffed full of stuff. I’d like to say CRAP, but that’s not true.  My number one problem is that they are SO very disorganized with 4 different people rooting around and pulling stuff out to make … yes, FOUR of us cook in this house. Not all of us eat the same meals either, which I’m thinking might need to change soon. I sort of organized ONE shelf out of 7 just because I was irritated putting groceries away … having this headache is really making me a not so happy person to be around.

I was sick last week so the menu plan was not stuck with 100%, more like 75% so I’m ok with that …. I’m also aiming to stay out of the stores for the rest of the week, but as I type this, I see we only have a half gallon of milk left … not that it matters to ME, but the other 3 adults do drink it so there may have to be a quick stop one night after work …

By the way, has anyone else noticed a slight creep upward again in food? Milk is up, as is bread and eggs … cheese has been up … I wonder when this is going to stop?

Breakfast are pretty much the same day in and day out around here, smoothies, eggs and bacon, pick one or the other … although this week, I’m leaning more towards smoothies as I really need to get a grip on the inflammation that’s got ahold of me these past 2 weeks … lunches are either salads or leftovers … I don’t have any lunchmeat hanging around the fridges right now so will be making a batch of tuna (this stuff I got from Costcos is awesome!) with some of my homemade mayo

Here’s what we are looking to prepare this week with what we have on hand:

Sunday – leftover pork with black beans and rice (from Saturday night dinner)

Monday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad … I may have to root around for some more bacon, I think I’m out … if I am, I will just substitute the real bacon bits we have in pantry (chicken in freezer, salad stuff in fridge, dressing ingredients in pantry and tomatoes on counter)

Tuesday – thinking along the lines of Taco Tuesday … ground beef (or ground chicken or turkey) in freezer, fixins are all in pantry and fridge … may make a batch of salsa to go along with this

Wednesday – Crock Pot Day! Looking to try this great White Chili, again … stay tuned for the recipe if it turns out! All ingredients in fridge/pantry and freezer

Thursday – Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad … with noodles for the majority of household. Chicken in freezer, salad ingredients in fridge … pasta in pantry

Friday – Hubby’s Choice … I think we have friends coming over … most likely grillin and chillin with Chicken and Veggies

Saturday – Hubby’s Choice again … but we may be going to the Boy’s girlfriends parents … her birthday was Wednesday and they are doing a little get together … we will most likely bake her a cake for Friday night (seems to be what all the kids expect now on their birthday, a cake made by Hubby!)

What are YOU planning to make this week?

Looking forward to linking up with Menu Plan Monday … go check it out!

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1 thought on “Week 62 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Wow, your frugal menu looks better than my menu after returning to grocery shopping last week. I just pinned your Chicken Ceasar Pasta Salad recipe. And yes, I noticed when I was stocking up for our big winter storm that the price of just about everything had inched up yet again.


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