Menu Plan #93 – Using What We Have

I had a “few” girlfriends over Saturday night and we had a LOT of food … then we ended up walking the mile or so down the street to some of the local bars to listen to the bands and have a “few” drinks. Apparently, the “few” were one too many at the end of the night. Stumbling Skipping down the one mile road home at 3:30am is NEVER a good thing, let alone a bunch of 50 year old women with a 23 year old Princess and a 26 year old Superman … it was fun, but my word, we must never, ever close down another bar again …

So I woke up at 9:30am (hey, I got the 5 hours of sleep!) feeling pretty fine. Made a cup of coffee, and surveyed the damage in the kitchen and dining room. Afraid to walk over to the bar only to see that someone helped out and loaded all the glasses in the sink and put away everything there. Nice, thank you, whichever best friend did this for me!  Now the girls are starting to wake and hastily make their way out the front and back doors … no need to stick around, it’s Sunday and gorgeous outside today!

As I was opening up the garage and stashing the veggie platter in that fridge, I notice water dripping from the top freezer portion. Sh*t! Apparently with the fridge door being opened and shut, the freezer door popped open a little, enough to let things start to defrost!  Damage was minimal, and probably just as well, box of turkey burgers (from eons ago), cheap frozen pizza and one package of hot dog buns.  I did a quick pull of everything, wiped down all the ice and water and put everything back in pretty neatly. I actually think I have room in there now. You think I would have updated the inventory list though, right? Nope. Was too freaked out about losing the 4 two pound bags of shrimp … all is good though, thankfully!

Hubby is out til Friday night this week and honestly, I’m not sure WHAT my schedule at the office looks like … I do have a little bit of  brain-fog today, I’ll be honest 😉  All I know is that I need avoid the grocery store at ALL costs because that Costco trip sucked my grocery money right up!

I am hoping to get some bulk cooking done this afternoon so I can have a little easier week ahead … lets see how the energy level goes … I am currently sipping on some coconut water with sliced lemon to rehydrate myself 😉 … FYI – the sliced lemon really doesn’t help with the coconut water taste 😦

Here’s what I’m looking at this week:

Sunday –  Chipotle knock off night. Honestly … I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks and never seem to have time!  All ingredients are in fridge, pantry and freezer. Will share the recipes if worthy! Feeding 5

Monday – Chili … and a small salad on the side … excited to use the new soup bowls! Chili will be made Sunday and I have all ingredients on hand in pantry and freezer. Including the optional Corona which I think (at this moment) I will skip! Feeding 2

Tuesday – I’m thinking a simple salad with either leftover blackened chicken or wings (if still around) … salad stuff in fridge along with blue cheese dressing (still!) … feeding 2 (wings from Saturday night, need to share THAT recipe!)

Wednesday –  Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with tomato soup on the side … thinking of using the waffle maker for these and will serve up the soup in my new soup bowls … wheeee! Sourdough bread in pantry, cheeses in fridge, tomato soup in pantry (I need to find a good homemade one to try) … feeding 4…

Thursday – I hope the house cleaners come today … will try to convince all to eat all the leftovers in fridge so I can clean the refrigerator out OR make some pizza bread … will use the french bread (freezer) make some pizza sauce with ingredients from pantry and dig out the cheese and pepperoni from freezer. Feeding 5.

Friday – Hubby home! Feeding 6 to 9 (friends in town and we want to see them before they leave again!) … most likely will cook some bratwurst (freezer)in the crock pot with some veggies (cauliflower & broccoli from freezer) on the side (this is my first try so IF we have friends coming, I probably will NOT do this as it’s a first recipe try!)

Saturday – Feeding 6 to 9 (depends if we see friends again!). Hubby’s choice … will push him towards the pork tenderloins I have in the fridge and freezer (I have 6 packages total, each has 2 loins).

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday Party!

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan #93 – Using What We Have

  1. Love the look of your chili! The other recipes sound pretty good too! I found you from OrgJunkie!


  2. Thanks Cynthia! The chili is different in that it does NOT have beans and DOES have a bit of cocoa for depth. Pretty serious stuff 😉


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