Frugal Activities #47

So, traveling back home over a holiday weekend is probably NOT the best thing, you know?

Anyhow. Anyway. Whatever.

We are home. Have been for almost a few week now.

Sunday, I had to hit up the grocery store. No eggs. No milk (Hubby, not for me). No salad stuff. Really … NOTHING except frozen stuff in the freezer, which, at the end of the day is useless if it’s a frozen hunk of something, right?

So. I blew 50% of my grocery budget that Sunday. Really.

I held out the FULL week … but come Friday (it’s I DON’T CARE FRIDAY!) morning, I stopped at Whole Foods at 8:05am (!!??) to pick up a bottle of Tessemaes Lemon Garlic Dressing since I knew I had just a drop left in the office and I’ve been getting home LATE at night so no time (poor excuse) to make my own salad dressing (after I just shared the Honey Mustard stuff!) … anyway. It was on sale ($4.99) so I picked up 2 bottles for home  and office … then spotted the rainbow carrots on sale, grabbed one bag … saw the green beans on sale, said oh yeah, don’t need to hit up Costco after all … and proceeded to grab some Honey Crisp apples (brownie points with the boss!), salted chocolate squares (my desk stash) and paid $22 and left.


The week wasn’t bad before hand. Other than the stops at the store on Sunday.

Oh. And the food waste! I specifically told the KIDS who consider themselves ADULTS (22 and 24) that this, this and this were in THIS fridge, and that, that and that were in THAT fridge … so make sure you eat it up.

Ahem. I come home and guess what? Yup, this, this, this and that, that, that are pretty much taking up residence. Ugh.

So. Do I want to do a Frugal Activities Breakdown for you? NOT REALLY. I think the above rant states it all ;-(

I DID take all my lunches to work this week and though my Boss brought me lunch on Friday, I brought home the leftovers (both the salad I took and the one that I had at lunch). And dinner, all at home! So, I guess that was a success?

Pulled Pork with Bean Sprouts, Cashews and Cilantro (the Boss and I wish I had it!)

Salad from home, pawned off to Hubby for dinner (I ate leftovers!)

I’m hoping to share a future post soon about the 50/30/20 “Ideal” Budget Plan. Surprisingly enough, I fall squarely in the middle of it … who would have thought??

So tell me, HONESTLY, were you intentionally and successfully Frugal this past week?

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