Deconstruct a Watermelon

*Sorry, it’s another repost from the past BUT this is a GREAT tip to share with summertime coming up!!*

Whenever I walk through the produce section at Whole Foods and Publix, I’m amazed at the amount of prepackage, cut up fruit. Like really? $4.99 per pound for YOU to cut up MY fruit?

No thank you.

That’s not very kind to my wallet and well, to ME, nothing beats the smell of fresh cut watermelon in the kitchen … too bad we can’t bottle it and sell it as a room freshener! We’d all be rich!


I do understand the fact that some people just don’t want the hassle dealing with a whole melon. BUT really, the mini melons they have now days make it much more dealable!

I picked up 2 melons the other day for $5.

And I promptly cut one up on a Wednesday evening, AFTER I got home from working all day and grocery shopping.

Yup, I did.

Because, really, it’s not so very difficult.

Wash melon and dry.

Place on cutting board and get out your sturdiest knife. I am a big proponent of good knives … you don’t have to spend a fortune but certainly toss the dull knives … they are more dangerous than a good sharp knife, you know? (Costco is my source for these cool knives you see in my posts, and I stock up when I see them to use as gifts).

Cut off both ends of the melon

Stand on end (stand on the larger end if not uniform in size)

Start cutting away the rind. It doesn’t need to be perfect unless that’s your thing 😉

Flip over to other end and finish up removing the rind

Cut in half

Cut in half horizontally (please be careful and go slow)

Cut through vertically and be amazed at the nice chunks of watermelon

Take a deep breath and say “ahhh, summertime…”

Now, we generally eat half NOW … just toss in large bowl and the other half goes in a ziploc bag and tossed in the freezer …. I’m really needing to share what we do with the frozen chunks soon!

How do YOU cut a watermelon? And do you buy the precut packages for convenience?

Looking forward to sharing with some of these GREAT
 … go check them out!

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4 thoughts on “Deconstruct a Watermelon

  1. Thank you for sharing your instructional post on cutting up a watermelon. Hope you are having fun at the fiesta, Jan! 🙂


  2. Great tutorial, wish I had a bite of that awesome looking melon! Thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and have a great day!Miz Helen


  3. This post is perfect timing for summer and I will be featuring it tomorrow as one of My 2 Favorite Things!! Hope you come back and share again!!


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