Quick Trip to Costco

We just dropped the price on the house and the realtor was having an open house Sunday afternoon … so I convinced Hubby to go with me to Costco to return the lights (and cheese) and then we’d drive through our soon to be neighborhood to scope out some houses.

Always an adventure to be had!

So, Costco. Was a madhouse.  Hubby dropped me off in the middle of the parking lot so I could go stand in line to return my stuff and he could find a parking space.  Mind you, we were driving Brutus which is the BIG truck.  Yeah, it was fine.

So, I’m standing in line for what seemed forever and finally got up to the cashier.  She didn’t save but maybe five words to me, all the while just chatting away to the other cashier.  I got back $188 but seriously, didn’t count the money to me, tell me how much it was or anything. I was a little surprised by her rudeness BUT then again, I would HATE to work at Costco during this time of year 😑

So, we shopped. Very selective. And QUICK. Too many people and Hubby was not amused today.  No samples for us.

$111.72 with cash. It’s a miracle!

bag of celery sticks $3.99

6 pack of romaine lettuce $3.89
6 pound bag of frozen strawberries $10.99
large container of blueberries $5.99
large package of french green beans $4.99
container of fresh cut pineapple $7.99
large bag of frozen boneless skinless chicken thighs $12.99
HUGE pork loin $15.29
large pork loin roast $15.82
2.5 pounds of cashews $16.99
40 pk of AA batteries $14.89 less $3

All that … for $111.72.  I’m ok with it, honestly. I’ve got some plans for the pork and chicken thighs … green beans are a staple and the pineapple has been making a more frequent appearance in our household since Hubby had his first grilled spear 😉

Only thing missing was eggs. They didn’t have the 2 pk of 18 count extra large eggs … not sure what happened there! I can pick up cheap eggs at Aldi later this week.

Been to Costco lately?

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