Menu Planning

Hey hey, it’s that time of week again! Meal Prep and Menu Planning time!


Yeah, I’m excited … not!

Hubby heads out of town again on Tuesday morning, bright and early … I’m trying to convince him to take Uber for a the $10 or so it will costs as opposed to ME getting in the car at 5am and driving him there … ugh.

I’m also waiting to hear if Princess and her Hubby will be here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night as Matt might need to work on this side of the state for 3 days so that could be fun for me to see Princess again! She’s starting to really get her baby bump going and I want to see her!

So with some of the uncertainties pending, my menu plan could change up a little bit but I’m trying to plan it where I can just fluctuate the amount of food cooked 😉

I did hit up Publix on Saturday while Hubby ran to Target and spent way too much so I’m hoping to hold off on the grocery store til the end of the week!

Saturday – $5 Digiornos’ pizza and chicken wings (freezer) Easy date/dinner night in the pool

Sunday – Chicken Caesar Salad … it’s been awhile since we’ve done the Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad so I might cook up a small amount of pasta for Hubby if he prefers that … chicken from freezer (costco), salad bags (premixed) picked up from Publix on Saturday. Much as I hate the plastic bag salads I was looking forward to a super simple meal 😉

Monday – Rice Bowl with pineapple teriyaki chicken meatballs – I made this last week and Hubby really enjoyed it (brown rice from Trader Joe’s in freezer and meatballs – Costco AND frozen broccoli from Walmart – freezer). Everything gets sautéed in a skillet with some ghee

Tuesday –  Taco Tuesday is in the making! Beef from freezer, shells in pantry and of course, I’ll have mine as a salad 🥗

Wednesday – I am supposed to meet a girlfriend for Margaritas after work so probably just chips and salsa and maybe an appetizer will be had … goal is to spend under $25 (she’s a frugal minded gal like me so it shouldn’t be a problem!) … if the kids are here, they will be on their own!

Thursday – This may be night to hit up Costco for a few things (believe me, a very small list of things as I’m serious about counting pennies and marching benjamins) so I will have leftovers or a salad …

Friday – I may have a girlfriend over for dinner … either way, I’m looking at the yummy BBQ Beef & Bacon over some riced cauliflower …

I’m looking forward to the weekend (already!) as I’m hoping to get the meal prep work out of the way for lunches AND dinners the following week. It worked out really well the last time Hubby was out and kept me in check with crappy eating habits and going out to eat … 
What are YOU planning to make this week?
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1 thought on “Menu Planning

  1. Some mouthwatering ideas there! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!


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