Breakfast Bowls for Meal Prep

Did you see the Breakfast Bistro Boxes I finally shared a while ago? I can’t believe I didn’t get it up sooner!

Well, then I made myself a Breakfast Bowl that really was really yummy!

And I shared pics on Instagram and such but never got around to sharing with YOU!

So here you are, my Breakfast Bowls for the week … meal preppin’ at it’s finest!

1 bag of riced cauliflower (Trader Joe’s or any stores frozen food section!)
8 eggs
1 bag of sausage crumbles (I used Jimmy Deans as it was on sale before the holidays) … you can make this yourself if you’d like!
frozen veggies (broccoli is my choice as that’s what I had on hand)

Ok, this is a very loose recipe and certainly open for you to expand and customize to YOUR liking!

Add some ghee to your large skillet and dump in the riced cauliflower.  Season with some salt/pepper/onion/garlic and cook until the moisture is evaporated.

Divide that into 4 bowls.

Add a little more ghee to the pan and toss in your veggies of choice. Again, season the veggies up and toss a lid on the skillet and let cook for about 8 minutes, giving the pan a shake here and there.

Once the veggies are cooked, go ahead and divide that among the 4 bowls.

Toss your crumbled sausage in the skillet now and put the lid on, cook for about 5 minutes. Divide this among the 4 bowls.

Scramble those eggs in a large bowl. I add a little water but you can add milk if that floats your boat.  Wipe the skillet out and add a little ghee to the pan.  Pour the egg mixture in the skillet and add some seasoning. Turn the heat to medium low and grab yourself a rubber spatula and start stirring the eggs to keep them scrambled. Cook through to your liking and … you guessed it, divide them among the 4 bowls 😉

Grab some fresh herbs if you have them handy, or use these cool little things and sprinkle each bowl with a little bit of seasoning.

Let cool before putting the lid on and placing in fridge.

When ready to eat, simply remove the lid, place a paper towel over the top of the bowl and nuke 30 seconds, stir and 15 second increments til heated through.


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2 thoughts on “Breakfast Bowls for Meal Prep

  1. Great idea for a yummy breakfast!


  2. I don't know why I held out for so long prepping my breakfast meals! It's a game changer!


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