Christmas shopping

I’ve started to pick up a few things here & there and making a list. Does it sound like maybe I procrastinated a little bit?? Only 6 days left, and 5 of them are real bonafide shopping days! 😦

Had gone to Target on Sunday with dd after dropping off ds at band practice. Had a $10 off coupon when you spend $100. Figured heck, we can do that! Actually, had looked at the sales paper and saw they had the undercounter stereo/cd I wanted on sale for $29 and a hand mixer by Oster for $17 … stereo is for Christmas, hand mixer for instant gratification (mine broke when I dropped it a few weeks ago). Also picked up new boxers for ds as most of his were in his missing suitcase. Dh got a new wallet. Dd got leggings (need to take back as they have feet & that’s not what she wanted!), and a Cranium game for the kids. The game was $26 and then a $5 instant gift card. However, looking at the receipt is confusing as heck. I don’t know if the game was on sale for $21 and the $5 gift card makes the returnable price of $16. Need to really look at the receipt again. Also picked up some maybelline mascara for me. Got home & realized that Kmart has them b1g1f. So I will take it back with the leggings 😦

I have a mini list going: dh is going to pick up his own Crocs since I got my stereo (weird, I know) and then we will surprise each other with something else. Have no idea what. Kids are going to get magazine subscriptions (not sure yet), a book or gift card from Borders or Barnes & Nobles, and maybe gift card for PacSun which is where dd works & gets a decent discount. Ds needs new clothes since 80% of his wardrobe was in the luggage to Mexico 😦 I am still so very upset about this. No one from AeroMexico is calling me back or taking my calls. Need to remember to notify TSA of the missing bag. To make matters even worse, there was a copy of the passport in there, not that I think it really does anything but still :(.


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