The Early Bird Gets the Worm

I’ve always wondered if that is indeed true?? I suppose it is, the first person in gets the best deals, therefore, the early bird indeed does get the worm!

This morning, Kitty got kicked out of the room after clearing Hubby’s dresser. Damn Kitty. I only had 15 more minutes of snooze time before I got up for the day, but still, it was NOT time for me to get out of bed.

So at 5:15am, the alarm goes off. I hear Kitty doing stuff. Damn Kitty, stop already.

As I stumble out to the kitchen, I see Kitty standing on hind legs, pawing like crazy at the sliding glass door (he does this A. L. L. the freakin time, thankfully with claws in).

That’s when I noticed something ODD. On the charcoal grill, it looked different. Oh, WTF is that?

It was two owls. Just sitting there in the drizzling rain.

One would swoop off and come right back. Then the other would do the same. And the Kitty was going absolutely nuts-o!

This went on for about 15 minutes. I really wanted to get a better view of them and see if I could figure out what kind of owls they were (oh. Ok. I only know of burrowing owls. Maybe it didn’t really matter!) so I turned on the outside lights over the yard (away from the patio).

No good, still couldn’t see them. And one flew away and never came back.

So I turned on the patio lights. I suppose at this time I should point out that these are like freaking SPOTLIGHTS and I’m always grumbling about how very bright they are when we are outside at night. Needless to say, the other owl flew away.

So I let Kitty out and boy, he was just besides himself. All I could think about was please, please, please let the owls catch all the furry long tailed rodents that kitty has been bringing back (baby mice, uh huh, whatever you’d like to tell yourself … but you and I both know that coastal lauderdale does NOT have mice, uh uh.) … That could be why he was so very upset!

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