Menu Plan Monday – Week 13

It’s going to be a rough week around here, I fly out next week to bring my dad back to Florida on Easter Sunday … in the meantime, I need to be crunching numbers, checking out assisted living facilities and making phone calls with regards to Medicare Part D (I think he will be able to sign up since he’s moved to another state) and Veterans Aid and Assistance benefits (they will apparently HELP with the cost of assisted living facilities in certain instances). If these two things are positive, I will be able to put my dad in a GOOD place. And I will be able to sleep easier.

This past week, I didn’t make one single thing on the menu. NOT ONE. I didn’t make dinner ONE time. Seriously. I think I finally ate dinner Saturday after my girlfriend and I got back. Hubby made some burgers for us, and I chowed. I know that dealing with stress means EATING but honestly, I can see how people just say they can’t. I couldn’t for 5 days. Booking the flight Saturday somehow took off the top layer of stress, viewing a few places in person today took off another level of stress today. Enough so that it’s 5pm and I’m up for planning …

Sunday – Chicago style hot dogs (dogs from freezer, hubby bought buns, remaining condiments in house)

Monday – Bangin Shrimp (shrimp from freezer using mix of coleslaw and iceberg ::shudder:: from fridge) … need to try and get better pics

Tuesday – Chicken and veggie stirfry with rice (chicken and veggies in freezer, rice in pantry)

Wednesday – Usually date night, not so sure it will be, may just do take out from lunchtime Chinese to eat that evening. Could do it for less than $20 IF I order at lunch time.

Thursday – Chef Salad OR Chicken Cesar Salad (depends on what I have left over on the meat front)

Friday – probably shooting to have some friends over either tonight or tomorrow … grillin and chillin … meat from the freezers, sides and appetizers from friends (grillin either way this evening)

Saturday – Tbones with creamed spinach (definite roll over from last week! steaks in freezer, spinach in freezer, rest in fridge and pantry) IF we don’t entertain this evening.

So what are YOU cooking this week?

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week 13

  1. I love a Chicago hotdog! I am front the suburbs of Chicago and miss them. Though it is probably good for my waistline 😉


  2. hehe…I KNOW exactly what you mean, I could eat them daily if I lived there!


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