Menu Plan – Week 32

Yes, it appears that I’ve missed a few weeks of menu planning … Vacations and Life have just been getting in the way of things. What can I say?

But, we must get back in to the groove of things and first things first is to feed the gang.

I’m still trying to clear the freezers out and there appears to be some gaps here and there. The garage freezer would have been so much better EXCEPT we brought home a crave pack from White Castle and stuffed the whole box in there. Had hoped to get ambitious over the weekend and seal them up with the foodsaver but too much beer and too little food made for a wasted day on Sunday.
This week, I’m starting with Saturday since I’ve not been cooking anything for the past 2 weeks, I feel the need to start hacking away!

Saturday – Sausage and Peppers with onions and shrooms. I have everything in house except the bread for those that want sandwiches so nothing a quick $4 grocery run can’t handle (somehow that $4 trip turned into $103.00). We had a few friends over, a few too many beers and there were a couple of shots of Whipped involved.

Sunday – Aussie Chicken with steamed brocolli (chicken and bacon in freezer, brocolli in fridge)

Monday – Cobb Salad (may need to get more lunchmeat but have the rest of the ingredients in house)

Tuesday – tacos (salad for me) (beef in freezer and rest in pantry and fridge)

Wednesday – IF we don’t go out … Wedge salad … been awhile. Will need to get a head of iceburg lettuce. Also want to try a new ranch or bleu cheese dressing … bacon bits in fridge

Thursday – chicken lettuce wraps (will really use ground chicken this time, not turkey, have in freezer and rest of ingredients in pantry and fridge)

Friday – burgers and dogs on the grill most likely (dogs in freezer, should have ground beef left too). Will need buns and any side dishes.

Saturday – Hubbys choice. Will try and convince him to do steaks since I know I still have some in freezer. That will smooth the way for a steak salad next week!

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