Week 28 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Here we are heading in to the 5th week of Hubby’s unemployment … no ‘real’ worries as of yet … he is actually flying out on Wednesday to go visit his dad up in Indiana for a week … we will both go back up in early August for a visit with everyone else …

Basically, Hubby being gone means I get to eat my fun, favorites! You know, steak salads, avocados, mangoes … oh yum!! I will, however, have to take in to consideration the Hivey Boy and be careful with the shrimps and such I’d normally be whipping up nightly …

Also, with Hubby being gone over the weekend, I’ve got a few girlfriends requesting a girls day/night at the house … so that will be considered too …

Grocery shopping this past week started off well, but ended not so well … $18 on Tuesday at Fresh Market for 2 lbs of local shrimp, 4 apples and something else (sorry, can’t remember). $20 at Whole Foods on Tuesday for almond milk, mangoes, avocados, spinach and a few other odds and ends and THEN $98 at Publix on Wednesday for a bunch of odds and ends … and repeated it again on Saturday with $105 at Publix for a few odds and ends for the BBQ – Pool Party on Saturday. Ugg. There was a LOT of food, beer and fresh fruit margaritas consumed … I think the THREE sudden rain showers kept us under control for the most part … but still, that was a lot of money put out for food this past week.  I will do my best to keep it under control, however, most likely, a QUICK run to Costco possibly Sunday will be in the works …

Here’s what I’m planning for the week …

Sunday – meatball subs to be made throughout the day for those who want (Hubby, the Boy, Princess and BF) … dinner will be skewered shrimp on the grill, only because we never got around to making them Saturday … of course, I may just make a quick scampi or bangin good shrimp instead


Monday – BLT Inspired Chicken Salad (have everything in the fridge and freezer to make and will use up some of the lettuce I have on hand)

Tuesday – I might just leave this night open for Hubby to choose …

Wednesday – Evil Jungle Salad baby! I’ve got the steak strips in the fridge (Costco), mango and avocados are already on hand

Thursday – I plan on taking the Boy out to our little pub down the road for bacon blue cheese burgers

Friday – promised a girlfriend I would meet her at Starlight Musicals … started 3 weeks ago (every Friday night) and it’s just not something that Hubby is interested in … so I will meet her since he will be out of town … this is to be a light drinking and snack type of atmosphere, so maybe I’ll make myself this chicken salad and if I’m thinking ahead of time, will make the grain free biscuits to go along with it … (everyone else brings subs and such but I will try to avoid the grains this week)

Saturday – Looking at a girls day or night … would prefer the day as we can float in the pool and KNOW that I will get a good night sleep … however, it will be up to the others to make that choice. Either way, thinking, AGAIN, of introducing them all to the BLT Inspired Chicken Salad …seriously, this stuff is so freakin good! Although, if there are margaritas involved, we most likely need to have something with a little more substance, so the usual things will show up table side, cabbage salad, chips and dip, a small fruit platter, etc.

Looking forward to linking up with Menu Plan Monday,

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1 thought on “Week 28 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Delicious menu. I pinned the shrimp recipes for later. 🙂


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