Week 30 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

Entering the 6th week of Hubby’s unemployment … I believe the partial payout of the severance package was deposited in his account Friday (we have separate accounts) … but still, I need to stay focused this upcoming week and really get in to the no spend mode 🙂 … Shouldn’t be so difficult as I am the hostess of a blog called “Frugal In Florida”, right? 🙂

So. Shopping this past week wasn’t so very bad … $10 Publix for a few emergency female items (I was warned that something would show up with a vengance … um, yeah, that’s NO LIE! Geesh!), $98 at Publix on Saturday which included about $30 worth of stuff for my dad … rest was milk, cleaning supplies, bread for the carb freaks in the house and a few odds and ends and then $25 at the produce store. I bypassed Whole Foods due to the costs but find I buy a LOT of stuff at the produce store because it’s cheap: red peppers, orange peppers, green peppers, apples, celery, cilantro, etc. I already have tomatoes from Costco but was wishing I hadn’t bought those!

Wednesday and Friday look to be busy days this week … of course, I have a busy day everyday, so those two days will be even busier than the norm. I will keep things simple those days just in case Hubby gets wrapped up in his boat and doesn’t plan ahead of time 🙂

I was sort of hoping that Hubby would go to the west coast to visit some friends, but sounds like he has plans and lunches set up this week …

Here’s what I’m planning on cooking:

Sunday – SHOULD have been an Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps … from Pinterest … but we lazed around the whole day, Hubby messed with the kitchen sink plumbing, ate leftovers and I decided to make a smoothie … everything was on hand already

Monday – we had a HUGE salad …. I mean, like, gigantic. Yummy

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … beef from freezer, may need to pick up some cheese and shells but maybe not. Have the balance of toppings in fridge …  I may make mine a poblano taco … but maybe just a salad will do

Wednesday – Turkey Club/BLT’s … mine will be a salad. Bacon and turkey from freezer, tomatoes and lettuce from Costco, bread in pantry

Thursday – Smothered Chicken (new recipe, again, if it’s good, will post my version of the recipe next week)

Friday – Chicken and Veggies on the grill … chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge

Saturday – Hubby’s choice, thinking of snapper as we have some in the freezer … want to make the recipe we had at the cooking class …

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1 thought on “Week 30 Menu Plan – Using What We Have

  1. Just stopping by for a blog visit via Menu Plan Monday.My husband and I have been through stints of unemployment a few times. It can be rough but also bringing the best out of everyone. I actually learned how to use grocery weekly fliers while I was unemployed. Thanks to the MPM participants.


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