Menu Plan Week 112 – Using What We Have

It’s March. OMG! It’s MARCH!  How is that even possible that we are even in to our 3rd month of the new year??

I am really trying NOT to dwell on that, but holy cow, I only have 2 more months til I’m 51. YIKES. I suppose I better start hiding all the bottles of tequila now so I can have a sufficient stock for Cinco De Mayo … which falls on a Tuesday this year, PERFECT for a Taco Tuesday Birthday Celebration, don’t you think?

 Whole Fruit Margarita


Heck, I’ll still have to go to work that Wednesday morning, and I’m the first one to scold anyone who thinks they can party like a college kid and go to work the next day. You know you are getting old when you realize that it doesn’t work that way any longer!

Ok. Enough of that … how are YOU!?  Are you ready for March Madness, lack of productivity in the office, St. Patty’s Day AND …. SPRING?  I’m still waiting on more cool air down here but I think we are probably done and over that. So bring on the non-stop running of the air conditioners, yet again ;-(

So …. let’s see …. you are probably here for the Menu Plan, huh? Yes, that is the title of this post, so I suppose I should get to it … just for the record, I think I only made ONE thing from last week … one night was nachos, another night was cheese sticks, and sadly, a few nights were just overlooked, period. Ugh. So not very healthy, you know? Mostly because I got home LATE most nights, thank to the end of the month crunch, going to see my dad, and of course, one night, I bullied Hubby in to taking me out to eat … sorry, it was just a horrible day and well, I’m honest, food makes me happy 😉

Ok, here’s what I am hoping for the week ahead:

Sunday – leftover pizza from Saturday … all of this needs to G. O. N. E. come Monday morning! Not a good Saturday night choice but it is what it is.

Monday – Pork … I made a huge pork butt in the crockpot on Saturday/Sunday for the lunch protein for the week ahead … I want to make some Lettuce Wraps … not exactly the same thing but something similar to that …

Tuesday – Taco Tuesday … will have a Taco Salad myself … beef in freezer, rest of ingredients in the pantry and fridge

Wednesday – I took out a large flank steak from the freezer on Sunday … hoping to turn that in to something yummy, more than just Italian Beef … but if that’s what it turns in to, I’m fine with that! I have a few ciabatta buns in the freezer that I will pull out …

Thursday – gosh … that’s like forever and a day away, you know? I would say, quite possibly, leftovers … just because … well, it’s Thursday … 

Friday – burgers and fries on the grill … will need to pick up buns … and again, if desired, will offer up some fries from the freezer …

Saturday – Hubby’s choice but thinking along the lines of something chicken’y

What are YOU making this week?  Go check out Organized Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday party …

*I am going to try and do a Reduced Spending Month on groceries for March … I spent some of the day on Saturday cleaning out the bottom shelves of the pantry and BOTH refrigerators … the freezers are all jammed packed and well, I just need to get serious and get them under control …

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